• People often ask if I had chemo, radiation, or both. Just for our own survey, who had what?

    Asked by GregP_WN on Thursday, June 22, 2017

    People often ask if I had chemo, radiation, or both. Just for our own survey, who had what?

    Just Chemo
    Just Radiation

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    • Ejourneys' Avatar


      almost 2 years ago
    • Sarasotagal's Avatar

      This is my third breast cancer diagnosis and my cancer is now metastatic. The first time I had radiation and chemo. The second time, the cancer returned to the same breast so I could not have radiation. I had a mastectomy and chemo. This time, the cancer is in my bones and brain. I've had radiation and am currently participating in a clinical trial.

      almost 2 years ago
    • cllinda's Avatar

      I had both. And radiation was a piece of cake compared to chemo.

      almost 2 years ago
    • BuckeyeShelby's Avatar

      Chemo only. After surgery & chemo, there was nothing left to irradiate.

      almost 2 years ago
    • mlking14's Avatar

      Chemo only.

      almost 2 years ago
    • barryboomer's Avatar

      Radiation once in 4 years to kill the cancer impinging on my sciatic nerve.
      They suggested chemo a year ago but I refused....Doing OK today...

      almost 2 years ago
    • BILLY22's Avatar

      Esophageal Cancer @ GEjunction Stage T3N1M0 Nov 2002
      Chemo 5FU and Carboplatin
      25 sessions of radiation
      MIE @ UPMC
      Survivor in remission going on 15 years

      almost 2 years ago
    • mssoup67's Avatar

      I had both with endometrial cancer.

      almost 2 years ago
    • Dltmoll's Avatar

      Both for breast cancer after lumpectomy.

      almost 2 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      80 radiation sessions.

      Two proposed chemo sessions but wound up with one infusion of chemotherapy and one infusion of virally tainted water.

      I still despise the cya attitude and casual dismissal of a majority of physicians.

      I recently had a MOHS surgery performed on my leg. Five months later my shin still hasnt healed. The surgeon has dismissed me with an "It will heal." pronouncement. She may or may not wonder why her copay wont get met.

      Although I hope her prophesy is correct, I am at a loss as to what to do from here forward. I guess flushes of manuka honey and yarrow. I saw five surgeons before selecting her. It was a toss up between two but only she did the MOHS.

      Who does one trust and what do I do? The wound is yellow.

      almost 2 years ago
    • raysmith45's Avatar


      almost 2 years ago
    • Molly72's Avatar

      Geekling, I had 3 Moh's surgeries, 2 on my face & one on my lower shin. The shin one took forever to heal, it was done about a year & a half ago & has finally healed, but still hurts from time to time. It is about the size of a quarter. My other surgeries healed in about 4-5 months. Ugly scars!! I used Vaseline as a dressing for all them.

      The dr. said that surgeries that far down on one's extremities take much longer to heal because circulation is not as good down there as it's further from your heart.
      My dr. was very good, he only does Moh's surgeries, I trust him, which is rare for me! So yours probably has a few more months to completely heal up.

      almost 2 years ago
    • sarasmash's Avatar

      I had 7 chemo sessions and lots and lots of radiation my second time with cancer. My third time I had 6 chemo sessions.

      almost 2 years ago
    • greytmomm's Avatar

      Surgery, surgery, Proton Radiation 37 treatments, chemo 3/6, surgery, and surgery tomorrow again #7 in 18 mos. That's now. 42 years ago. Cobalt radiation way too many times. Get a grip cancer tumor. This is the last time. NO MAS!

      almost 2 years ago
    • Beach1040's Avatar

      Chemo only

      almost 2 years ago
    • sands7's Avatar


      almost 2 years ago
    • jlwegner's Avatar

      radiation only after 2 brain surgeries

      almost 2 years ago
    • cards7up's Avatar

      SBRT targeted radiation then chemo. Recurrence had surgery then chemo again.

      almost 2 years ago
    • Pawleys' Avatar

      My Dad has had 10 radiation treatments and 2 chemo so far. We think we should scale back on the chemo and the Nulasta. Can anyway give advice?

      almost 2 years ago
    • SandiA's Avatar

      Radiation and immune therapy

      almost 2 years ago
    • Carool's Avatar


      almost 2 years ago
    • Whitey61's Avatar

      Chemo and immunotheraphy .

      almost 2 years ago
    • szbc's Avatar

      I had both plus surgery

      almost 2 years ago
    • Richardc's Avatar

      I had both at the same time.

      almost 2 years ago
    • Marli's Avatar

      I had both for breast cancer after a lumpectomy.

      almost 2 years ago
    • PaulineJ's Avatar

      I had both the radiation and the oral chemo.At the time I didn't know Arimidex was an oral chemo pill 'til someone told me and I looked it up .Sure enough it is .

      Image result for Oral Chemotherapyblog.dana-farber.org
      Oral chemo is any drug you take by mouth to treat cancer. Oral chemo is not given to you with a needle. It's a liquid or pill that you swallow. Chemo you swallow is as strong as other forms of chemo and works just as well
      Oral Chemotherapy: What You Need to Know - American Cancer Society

      almost 2 years ago
    • Marinace's Avatar

      I had surgery followed by 35 radiation treatments and targeted chemo and hormone therapy.

      almost 2 years ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      My lung cancer was inoperable and I wasn't eligible for radiation, so I have had chemo only. (I heard a speaker last weekend who discussed new radiation techniques. It is possible that I might be able to get radiation now. They are finding that immunotherapy is even more effective when one gets radiation. The radiation seems to super-charge the immune system.)

      almost 2 years ago
    • Callejal's Avatar

      I had radiation and chemo and then a stem cell transplant.

      almost 2 years ago
    • SueRae1's Avatar

      Kidney Cancer - stage I surgery stage IV oral chemo
      TNBC - stage 1 surgery & radiation stage IV chemo - lots and lots of chemo.

      almost 2 years ago
    • Bug's Avatar


      almost 2 years ago
    • carlie's Avatar

      Radiation 33 treatments/ 65 gy
      Please let me know if you have had Keytruda, immunotherapy treatments for Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Just wanted to know about side effects and any improvements noted after treatments.

      almost 2 years ago
    • Lolabell's Avatar

      I first had a double mastectomy two different types of cancer with limp node involvement on left side. Then I had 6 months of chemo, followed by 33 radiation treatments. Am currently done with treatment, am now dealing with the affects of the radiation.

      almost 2 years ago
    • beachbum5817's Avatar

      I had both.

      almost 2 years ago
    • Ashera's Avatar

      6 rounds of neo-adjuvant taxotere, carboplatin, herceptin, perjeta - then axila dissection and lumpectomy - then whole breast radiation - and continuted the herceptin for another 6 months to make one year. Said a firm NO to further hormonal therapy. Collateral damage a constant companion now.

      almost 2 years ago
    • Paperpusher's Avatar

      SCLC-surgery, recurrence, then four rounds of carboplatin and etoposide and 30 rad treatments for hubby.
      Geekling-maybe a wound care specialist might help?

      almost 2 years ago
    • Ashera's Avatar

      Geekling - as Paperpusher said above - have you consulted with a certified wound care specialist? They have tricks in their repertoire a surgeon doesn't. There has to be an answer!

      almost 2 years ago
    • kalindria's Avatar

      Chemo - four different kinds. Two the first time, one for the clinical trial and two (one I'd had before) for the recurrence. And surgery twice, of course.

      almost 2 years ago
    • Danfan714's Avatar

      I had both

      almost 2 years ago
    • andreacha's Avatar

      Surgery'06, surgery '07, oral chemo (Sutent) since 2012.

      almost 2 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      Thank you to @Molly72 for letting me know I am not alone. To @Paperpusher and @Ashera no I have not seen a wound care specialist because, in part, I was not given a referral, in part because the wound is so small but I will look into it.

      A friend, who is, himself, in a hospital has given a fine suggestion. He neglected to wear gardening/work gloves while tending to this and that and cut his hand. Some sort of horrid staph yadda yadda and he is in hospital with an IV drip for cellulitis. He is lucky it was properly diagnosed before mrsa set in and he is lycky to be at a small hospital in WPB called Bethesta (not Maryland).
      I wish him well quickly. The antibiotics and rest and good food are doing him well

      Anyways, he suggested I contact the company which makes the super expensive drug and I did. Most companies have some sort of compassionate care programs for bums like me who have lost everything except their very lives because of sickness. Had I insurance for drugs (I do not) they and most other companies have a copay program going whereby a coupon would cover 1/2 the cost and insurance the other half. Just another reason why the ACA is so devestating.

      Because I have no insurance and because I did not take no for an answer but politely asked to be transferred again and again until I was speaking to soneone in authority, the company decided that even riff raff like me ought to benefit from their compassionate care program. If rhe surgein qill be good enough to fax a prescription to their in house pharmacy they will send me a small tube gratis.
      I spent most of yesterday trying to get ahold of the surgeon to do this. I am still awaiting an answer or response that it has been done.

      And this, children, is one reason why the insurance companies back Obamacare over Trumpdontcare. They know that if too much of what I am going thru goes on without the copay program, folks will quickly be unable to pay for insurance.The drugs I took to get rid of the gifted by cancer medicos blood disease would have cost 150k without a copay and compassionate care program. In that case, the drugs were not yet approved in combination (a newer drug had yet to be developed) so I had to convince two different drug manufacturers that I was worth saving and that they needed my body as proof of success despite me not having drug insurance. Thanks to Peter for reminding me of this and making me to realise that what I accomplished was not a one time long shot.

      And thanks to you guys for giving a fig about my concerns. Get well soon, Peter.

      almost 2 years ago
    • GranEM's Avatar

      3 weeks on and 3 weeks off - chemo and radiation -

      almost 2 years ago
    • Dick_K's Avatar

      Neither, but here is what I've had. Six diagnosises of four different cancers: 4 treated with surgeries, one with targeted therapy, and one active surveillance.

      almost 2 years ago

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