• Question about radiation narcosis,, and radiation burns , hair loss etc, after 13 treatments (full brain)

    Asked by kulaken on Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    Question about radiation narcosis,, and radiation burns , hair loss etc, after 13 treatments (full brain)

    After 13 treatments hair loss has begun with vengeance, have shaved , and all the sudden worried about scalp burning , and what possible experienced steps and or products help with what is coming. As i have been told , radiation treats every one differently, , as the treatments wear on , im feeling slower in thought process, coordination, eye sight issues , and am curious , as to an others experience in a similar mater ... This narcosis they speak of , can come weeks or months after the treatments stop ,, so far i cant tell what im experiencing , is there some supliment etc that may help ?

    Thanks : kulaken

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    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      I can't speak to the narcosis, other than I cannot remember things like I once could, I blame that on the chemo though, but now I think radiation may have played a part in it. I got radiated through my neck and into the back of my head. I lost all the hair from my crown, down to my neck.

      over 5 years ago
    • kulaken's Avatar

      Ty : D rummer : for the answer , i haven't had to do cemo as of yet ,, i never had the tumor removed , only a biopsy of it , and chose radiation , the DR told me i would loose all my peripial vision if he was to remove it , im a carpenter by trade , im in need of my trade back , the radiation at this point im done with ,, 20 treatments ,5 days a week , my head is blistered , and burnt to a crisp , i have lost plenty of my memory , im way slower , and have to make daily lists to recall my thought prosses , never had to do that before ,, as well i get day dream spells , where i dont know where i am or what i was doing . Aloha my friend , and mahalo , from Hawaii ,Ken

      over 5 years ago
    • momsofzeck's Avatar

      Hey Ken,
      I had brain tumor too. I took surgery twice and it kept comming back. I lost my vision,hearing and walking ability after the surgery. I was very regretful for not going through radiation instead of a surgery! What ever you lose comes back thats all I know :) Hope it helps... BTW I heard there is a strainer o n the end of the brain and chemo cannot pass through the strainer.. keep that in mind before going through a chemo.

      over 5 years ago
    • shauna0915's Avatar

      My dad had lung cancer that spread to his brain and he had more than 20 tumors in his brain, some of which were bleeding. The tumors in his brain (and the effects of those tumors on his motor skills) are how the cancer was found.

      They did radiation on his brain to stop the bleeding and try to shrink the tumors. He did chemo for the lung cancer, but his oncologist told him the chemo would not help the tumors in his brain at all because the chemo wouldn't get to them. The brain is resistant to most, if not all, types of chemo...at least that's what my dad was told.

      My dad was Stage 4 and his cancer was too far advanced and very aggressive, but the radiation did help stop the bleeding and slow the growth and spread of the tumors in his brain. We had to put a ton of lotion on his head because it got so dry and irritated, and he only had 10 radiation treatments. We used baby lotion at first and ended up switching to cocoa butter, which seem to soothe a bit better.

      I apologize for my answer not being a very positive one, but I hope it helps answer some of your questions. I wish you the best in your journey.

      over 5 years ago
    • kriley12's Avatar

      Everyone's experience is really different. My advice would be to talk with the nursing team that is giving the radiation of to the people who are administering the chemo. That is what I did and they helped me tremendously. Don't get me wrong I still have alot of probs. today, that even the doctor's say they can't explain, but the nurses have seen a lot of things, everyday, and have a more general experience than the doctors seem to. Mine were REALLY good at doing whatever they could to help me or to get someone who could!

      about 5 years ago
    • stacy0611's Avatar

      I suffer from possible radiation neucrosis. It can not be confirmed without a biopsy in my case - it is either the tumor has grown or radiation necurosis. I have found some good information on radiation neuc. on the internet. My doctor didn't share alot of information with me but I have a large, inoperable, filtrative tumor in my right frontal lobe (front 1/2 of my right side). My side effects have been a "cold" feeling in my head, vision issues, balance, short term memory issues and severe headaches. All of these symptoms can be tumor growth or radiation neucrosis. I am 8 months out from my last radiation treatment and started these symptoms about 3 months ago.

      If I can help in any other way, please let me know!

      almost 5 years ago
    • hvoss5307's Avatar

      My husband has had 3 brain surgeries. One for the tumor and 2 to remove necrosis. He was left with massive swelling. With sterioids were not enough to control the swelling, we tried Avastin. The Avastin has nearly eliminated the swelling and there is no sign of further necrosis of tumor. That being said we are still in recovering. Everything they through at you to fight this thing. We are currently very close to eliminating steroids and tweaking the anti seizure medications. We hope as he recovers from all of this he will walk again, use his right side again, and have cleared conversations. It is exhaustin for all involved.

      almost 5 years ago
    • anna1954's Avatar

      Everyone is different but I can talk about the side effects my husband has experienced with chemo and radiation. He is on Avastin chemo. Whoever told you there is no chemo that will reach the brain isn't well informed. Avastin has kepted my husband's tumor at bay. Initially is was used as a maintenance drug since surgery removed the tumor totally. But with all him taking Temedar, this chemo broke his blood so bad that he know can't have any surgery because he would bleed out. Last December the dr's decided to give his body a rest and stopped the chemo. In May a small tumor returned. This time the drs decided to do radiation and chemo. They memtioned to us that there may be radiation necurosis. They said that his left side might become more deficited. We haven't seen much of that (only after a seizure). We have noticed slower brain processing though. No problems with eye sight or coordination. We are just now experiencing these problems and his radiation was in June. Our research has said that the necurosis could develop between 1 -4 months after radiation has been completed. We are at the 4th month mark. In all the research we have done we haven't come across a suggestion to take any type of supplement to decrease or prevent any of these symptoms. Sorry - which I had better news. We will keep you in our prayers.

      over 4 years ago

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