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    Asked by DebbieP on Wednesday, May 29, 2013


    Can any one tell me what your symptoms were if you have had a recurrence of ovarian ca. Were your symptoms the same as before? Did it go on for awhile? How did you know for sure ca125 or ct? No long did it happen after you finished treatment. I am alittle scared, I feel weird again with stuff going on? Thank out.

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    • KimmieJo's Avatar

      Debbie - I was diagnosed in December 2009 and was NED for 22 months after my frontline treatment. I did not have any real symptoms when the cancer recurred last year - my CA-125 just started going up and a PET scan showed a small tumor.

      I think that anyone who finishes chemo and is given that NED status always has a fear of the return of the "beast". I was so nervous every time I went for a blood test or a scan.

      I have learned that you cannot live in fear - life is a precious thing and we have to live it to the fullest while we are able - I know this is sometimes easier said than done because it does seem overwhelming at times. My faith has helped me cope with all of the ups and downs during my treatment.

      Talk to your doctor about this - don't be afraid to ask questions. I pray that everything goes well with you

      over 7 years ago
    • Kathy's Avatar

      Hi Debbie. My heart so goes out to you! I was first diagnosed in 2009. My CA 125 is what was mainly monitored for me. It had always been around 10 or so and in the August of 2012 it went to 42. A pet scan was ordered and showed a growth returning in the same spot. Turned out it was cancerous. Both times it has been caught very early but I have had to endure chemo. I pray you find the strength to face your greatest fear. Avoiding it is only going to make it worse. Maybe it isn't anything and you will be so relieved and if it is something begin gathering the information and begin any treatment options. Continue to reach out. Take care.

      over 7 years ago
    • c25862's Avatar

      I didn't have any syptoms when my cancer came back. My dr did do the ca125 test and a ct scan which confirmed that it came back

      over 7 years ago
    • hesperia's Avatar

      When I had recurrence symptoms were exactly the same as before diagnosis ........... Mine were fatigue , loss of appetite weight loss ,occasional abdominal pain, some swelling of the tummy . I have my ca 125 tested every 3 - 4 weeks. I keep records of it and find it to be a very reliable indicator . (This is not the case for everyone . ) It always corresponds to how I feel. I have a CT scan when it reaches 1,200 and usually start another round of treatment when I get to about 2,500 . I don't like to go above that figure as I feel that risks ascites coming back . I have just started my 5th course of treatment in 3 years .Remember this a pattern for me ......... but we are all different and our cancers are different ........ the pattern may well not be the same for you .

      over 7 years ago
    • Carol-Charlie's Avatar

      Debbie, I have not had a recurrence. It's been just over seven years since my surgery - followed by chemo. I went in every three months for a CA125 and at six months for CA125 and exam. Did that for seven years. This year we had another PET CT Scan - showing all clear... and I go in every six months for CA125 and exam. I too was afraid to cut the 'apron strings' to my oncologist and fly solo again... However. I've been seeing his PA and she's great. Any worries... He's there in a heartbeat. Non yet. I think being overly cautious is a good thing! Call and talk to your oncologist or his assistant. run what's happening by him/her. Then breathe.... I think you're behaving like most of us have. I was Stage IV and the only way I found it was by my back surgeon doing an MRI prior to surgery on my back. (back pain could have been caused by 39 lb. tumor on my right ovary resting on my spine..) I had had a physical every year... complained of back pain... but I had a history of back pain from auto accident... Remember it's better to be safe than sorry... Call and ask or go in and check... ((((Debbie)))) a few hugs I had sitting around.

      over 7 years ago
    • christinematth's Avatar

      I just wanted to thank you all for your answers. I was diagnosed in late February this year with stage iv ovarian cancer and am in the middle of my fourth cycle. This first go around is hard enough, so it scares the bejesus out of me to even consider a recurrence and doing this all again. I can't tell you how much it helps me to read your successes. I just hope I can stay as brave as you all!

      over 7 years ago
    • Brielle's Avatar

      Hi Debbie,
      Please bear with me on my experiences. I was diagnosed in September of 2011 with ovarian cancer. After debulking an IV/IP treatments until the end of Jan. 2012 , all tests results were good with no signs of cancer. In 'May of 2012 my CA 125 was 6. in July of 2012 , during a follow up visit, I mentioned a lump on my incision to the onc. After a ct scan, it was discovered that I
      Had a hernia on the incision and a lesion in my liver/CA125 was 60. My gyn.onc. Then saw me and said I was platinum resistant oc and offered participation a clinical trial . The cancer was stable for a while, but began to grow and spread. Removal from this clinical trial ended in December. In Jan. of 2013 I began a new clinical trial and am so happy to say the ct scan is showing tumor regression and CA125 has gone from 740 to 81 today. This chemo regime has been much easiness aggressive on my body. I am alo blessed by my faith, famille and friends who provide enormous strength. If the current clinical trial does not continue to fight, there are other options. I am not giving up the fought and know we need drugs that will target oc types. Know your body and let your doctors know of any changes that occur. Keep all follow up appointments. And remember if a recurrence happens, there are options for other treatment. Hooray! Enjoy each day, rely on your faith and count your blessings,

      over 7 years ago
    • Brielle's Avatar

      Oops! Should have proofed before sending response. Chemo brain at work. Hope these clarifications help: The current chemo regime is much easier and less aggressive on my body..... I am not giving up on the fight.( not fought)... Family (not Famille.)Hope this makes more sense. Punctuation is incorrect too in some sentences. As I said, good reminder to proof before touching that orange button!

      over 7 years ago

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