• Reiki and Healing touch

    Asked by prittinpink on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

    Reiki and Healing touch

    Just wondering if anyone else has tried Reiki and healing touch energy therapies during their journey? If not I recommend looking into it. I wish I would have known about it last year I feel my experience would have been much easier. It can help relieve pain, fatigue, anxiety, and overall well being.

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    • Lirasgirl33's Avatar

      I haven't yet, but it's something I've been wanting to try. Here in LA we have a place called WeSpark that offers them for free. I've been meaning to make an appointment.

      over 4 years ago
    • Mel's Avatar

      I have not either but would like too try it. Not sure what is all involved in that?

      over 4 years ago
    • nancyjac's Avatar

      Reiki and its variations work primarily because of the induced mental state similar to meditation and is often helpful for those who have difficulty focusing mentally on their own. The more passive meditative arts (where somebody else does the "healing) like Reiki and acupressure can be a good way for some people to progress to the more self guided healing arts like meditation, yoga, and tai chi.

      over 4 years ago
    • Harry's Avatar

      Reiki was one of the complementary therapies offered by my treatment centers. I didn't really need it so I didn't try. But, if it works for you, go for it.

      over 4 years ago
    • SueRae1's Avatar

      I am a big fan of massage and energy work. I love it, and it really helps me cope with the emotional and physical side effects of my treatment. In fact I get infusions most Thursday's and I have a standing appointment with my massage therapist/Raki master Friday morning. I go to Kripalu (a yoga educational center and retreat) several times a year and make full use of all the different healing modalities they offer.

      over 4 years ago
    • Queen_Tatiana's Avatar

      I don't have cancer, but am the caretaker. I do have some medical issues of my own, Meniere's and Lupus and I do use Reiki. Reiki is the one time I can simply let go of everything and feel healing in my body. It works for me.

      It's not right for everyone, but if it does work for you it can be wonderful.

      over 4 years ago
    • fastdog's Avatar

      I was fortunate in that the NH hospital where I had the chemo offered both massage and Reiki while you were getting the infusions. There was a volunteer from each discipline who went around and offered it to both the patients and the person who had come with them. I especially liked the shoulder massage, as that is where I tend to kink up under stress.

      over 4 years ago
    • Nonnie917's Avatar

      How much does this sort of thing cost? My insurance will pay for things like accupuncture and Chinese medicines, which I found helped, but I can't go back until the 1st of January. I didn't know the plan I am on now didn't pay for the accpuncture so I couldn't go back, but that one treatment helped my fibromyalgia pain that I uped my plan for next year so I can get off the pain pills and Lyrica. Nasty stuff that Lyrica. I don't like being on any prescription medicines because they just poison your body. That's my opinion anyway,.

      over 4 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      I had healing touch done twice on the day of each chemo infusion (my therapy was mostly radiation as in 16 weeks, once a day) which was most interesting because there was no touching involved. The first time was really nice and helpful but the second time something wasn't right. I asked the woman doing it if something was troubling her and she admitted she'd lost her best friend that morning. Wireless cell phone transmissions or no touching healing touch - it all transmits somehow. We just aren't tuned well enough into ourselves and our power.

      over 4 years ago
    • debco148's Avatar

      Great question. Actually I did have a couple of Reiki treatments at the suggestion of our nurse navigator at the hospital. I had terrible side effects from Taxol.. neuropathy, leg pain.. terrible! Also, lots of brain fog. I found the treatments to really help. During the first one, I felt the muscles in my legs relax so much and a warmth come over the whole lower part of my body. Very comforting and did relieve the pain. Afterwards, I felt more alert, grounded, and could sleep better. So after my second treatment, I decided to get certified. I have already done treatments on myself and my family and they find them amazing as well. At some point, I plan to volunteer to help other cancer patients and perhaps also have some sort of practice. Reiki has really opened up some new ways of looking at things for me, it changes you for the better all the way around and after each treatment it gets better. I recommend. Love and Light to you!

      over 4 years ago
    • MarnieC's Avatar

      Hi prittinpink - I'm in Denver, not so far away. I am a Reiki practitioner (and massage therapist) and also went through breast cancer 8 yrs ago. I found energy work to be wonderful and yes it can help to relieve pain, fatigue, anxiety - all the things you mentioned. It is offered in integrative medicine centers in Australia (where I went thru my treatments). I really believe it should be offered here more than it is.

      over 4 years ago
    • Kitsaplakegirl's Avatar

      My masseuse (sp?)also does Reiki and at first I thought she was nuts, but that stuff works! Definately worth looking into.

      over 4 years ago
    • Nanc620's Avatar

      I took Reiki l class in August with plans on taking Reiki ll in October. I was diagnosed 3 days before the second class...it is an awesome therapy and I am so happy that I learned how to do self-Reiki. I am looking forward to the day when I can complete the training an offer my love and light to others in the situation.

      over 4 years ago

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