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    Asked by ticklingcancer on Tuesday, November 27, 2012

    Screen Names

    I've noticed that quite a few of us use screen names instead of our actual name. Have you seen the Brad Garrett 7-Up commercial where is dancing in the street signing "who's reaching out to tickle a horsey, everyone knows it's Brad"? I would call my friends and randomly sing this to them. So how, after diagnosis, it turned into "who's reaching out to tickle my cancer" and I adopted "ticklingcancer". Yeah, I know....

    Is there a story about your screen name you would like to share?

    oh, and my name is Jimmy.

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    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      Good Story TC, I have wondered myself how some of our users come up with their names.

      Let's hear from you, if you want to share what is behind your name.

      Mine is, well.....that's what mama called me.

      almost 8 years ago
    • ticklingcancer's Avatar

      We need an "edit" button our post...lol...I just noticed I typed "signing" instead of "singing"

      almost 8 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      The edit button is in the loop, just not available yet. I agree. I am always messing up a post.

      They will give us one soon.

      Thanks for the notice.

      almost 8 years ago
    • Harry's Avatar

      Well, mine is the name on my birth certificate. I suppose I should find a name that is "different," but I just find this convenient.

      almost 8 years ago
    • Nancebeth's Avatar

      My name is actually Nancy Beth but when I first started using the internet many moons ago, NancyBeth was not available so I went with Nancebeth and it has been that way ever since. I typically use Nancebeth for my online stuff.

      almost 8 years ago
    • packerbacker's Avatar

      I am a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan! I know they could be better, but I've always supported them no matter how they are doing. And my name is Patricia.

      almost 8 years ago
    • greensmythe's Avatar

      I am a professional business writer, and so used smythe a lot for my various pseudonyms. I created Greensmythe when I wrote a book called the Green ABC's- and needed to have a good hook for the brand. I use it a lot, along with other names with smythe at the end. Long answer to a very cool question.

      almost 8 years ago
    • nancyjac's Avatar

      My is similar to NanceBeth's. My first name is Nancy, my last name is Jacobs, and I am lazy. Hence my screen name anywhere on the internet is NancyJac, NanJac, or some variation there of. Not creative, but it limits the number of tries needed to remember when logging on to a site.

      almost 8 years ago
    • BuckeyeShelby's Avatar

      My first name is Shelby. I'm an Ohio State alum, still live in Central Ohio and LOVE college football, even if my Buckeyes can't go to a bowl game this year. Looking forward to next year when we are eligible again for post season play. Go Bucks!

      almost 8 years ago
    • Lirasgirl33's Avatar

      Haha! You beat me to this question TC. :) I've always wondered about the story behind a lot of screen/user names. :)

      I decided to use my boyfriend's last name (Lira) in mine. I'm his girl. I really liked the sound of Lirasgirl. :) I used 33 because that's how old I was at the time I was diagnosed. My real name is Gladis. Nice to meet all of you. :)

      almost 8 years ago
    • SMT4's Avatar

      My name is Shannon and my screen name came from my diagnosis and name . I had thyroid cancer so I have no T4.

      almost 8 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      Well, if someone would pay me even half of what Dear Ole Brad is getting for the 7-Up commercial, I'd put my face and name high above on the marquee as well.

      A bit of privacy is nice. I've insurance worries and $$ worries and all sorts of less than popular opinions, at least regarding the corporate world and those entities can really hurt when they get around to you.

      We all know what a geek is, yes? Ling is a diminutive reference and the Chinese character for zero. I put the two together and voila. Now, 15 years later, I can't always use what I made up and kids tell me that I am all wet because they know that a geekling is the product of a love affair between a geek and a XXX.

      Youngins don't notice the difference between 'product' and 'offspring' which is why I am grateful to have a nick name. What ever happened to privacy in your person and papers?


      almost 8 years ago
    • Onoi11's Avatar

      I rearranged a few letters in my actual name to reflect what I felt when I learned I had pancreatic cancer, ONO!

      almost 8 years ago
    • derbygirl's Avatar

      Well the story behind my screen name is easy. I am a huge fan of thoroughbred horse racing. I watch TVG and HRTV, the 2 racing channels, all the time and have read every book ever wrtitten on horse racing and own every movie about the sport. I go to the track a lot and when I can't get there I go to the OTW. Through social media I have even been able to chat with some of my favorite jockeys and trainers. So that is where my screen name comes from but my friends call me Dee. Thanks for asking. Take care.

      almost 8 years ago
    • mgm48's Avatar

      Silly but I've always been teased a bit about my initials - do I do movies, gamble, etc. So mine is just initials and birth year. Nothing fancy, but I can easily remember and identify with it.

      Keep it positive and smile :)

      almost 8 years ago
    • Charlieb's Avatar

      This is why I love this site! Just because we have cancer doesn't mean we always have to have serious comments. My name is Charles Banks and I didn't care if people know that. Also, I guess I couldn't think of anything else to use. It is interesting where people come up with screen names. Go Pack, Go!

      almost 8 years ago
    • ScrapbookerKay's Avatar

      I'm sure you can guess, but I love to scrapbook. I would take my supplies and photos to chemo with me to give me something to do. At my center, you didn't get your own tv, so if I didn't like what was on, I would scrapbook. The nurses would always stop by to see what I was working on. I was doing a family cookbook for everyone on my husband's side with this mother's recipes. One of the nurses asked if she could copy a recipe that she'd had trouble with. (His mother was a cook, first at a nursing home and then at the public high school.) I still scrapbook.
      Love all the stories on the nicknames.

      almost 8 years ago
    • shlynn59's Avatar

      Mine is like so many of the others a mix of my first and middle name, Sheri Lynn. Nice to meet all of you. Thanks for all the information you pass on. I appreciate it.

      almost 8 years ago
    • SueRae1's Avatar

      My name is Sue-Rae - most sites don't accept hyphens, and one of them wanted me to have an alphanumeric ID so I started use SueRae1 as my screen on several "social" sites-

      almost 8 years ago
    • Shoeless' Avatar

      Are you a Chicago White Sox fan? If so, you know my name. If not, Google "Shoeless - 1919 Chicago White Sox".

      almost 8 years ago

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