• Sick of taking meds.

    Asked by derbygirl on Saturday, January 5, 2013

    Sick of taking meds.

    Every morning I wake up and take 5 pills in the morning and another 4 during the course of the day. I am getting so sick of taking medication everyday. I used to see my Grandmother take 12 pills a day and always said I never wanted to have to do this. How do you get through the daily medication grind?

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    • SpunkyS's Avatar

      I think of them as health or get better pills. Framing it differently makes it easier and takes away some of the anger connected to the whole experience. It took awhile to get the hang of 2 an hour before eating, then some after eating and then again at bedtime. Now it just is the way it is and what I make of it. Good luck.

      over 7 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      I was lucky to not have to take too much through treatments. One round of chemo I had to take prednisone 4 pills, 4x a day. That was about the worst of it. The prednisone just about made me batty, I was bouncing off the walls.

      My mother in law has issues with siezures, high blood pressure, fluid retention, bad knees, had both of them replaced. She takes 26 pills a day, my wife has to manage them for her. Takes them to her 3 times a day to be sure she doesn't get confused and start taking too many. It's a job just keeping it all straight.

      Hopefully you'll be done soon and not have to take so much.

      over 7 years ago
    • nancyjac's Avatar

      It just becomes part of the routine like brushing my teeth or feeding the cats.

      over 7 years ago
    • gwendolyn's Avatar

      I hear you. I hated the period when I was taking a ton of pills. I would just sit there at the kitchen table trying to swallow them, one after the other, not that easy to do with dry chemo mouth. I made up and printed out Excel spreadsheets to keep track of the times, dosages, and purposes of each.

      I fretted about side effects. Definitely made me feel old and sick to be taking a ton of pills. I made similar spreadsheets for my mother for the last 8 years of her life.

      Now that I am done with chemo I take so few pills I don't need the spreadsheets. It only takes me a minute to swallow them and get on to other things.

      over 7 years ago
    • Lirasgirl33's Avatar

      I hear ya. I absolutely dislike taking pills, getting poked by IV needles, having to be poked to have blood drawn, or getting shots. Unfortunately with this diagnosis this is all a part of our treatment. I used to have to drink 2 bottles of water for just one tiny little pill. These days I can pop 5-6 pills into my mouth and swallow them like nothing. I don't enjoy it, but I realize it's necessary. I still hate IV needles, they hurt so much, but I realize it's needed. Getting poked to get blood drawn, still don't enjoy it but gotta do it to continue with treatment. Getting shots of Neulasta after each chemo is not my favorite thing to do, but again, just another thing I have to do. All in all, I do what I have to do to get through this. I tell myself that I will endure through whatever, if it means being able to spend more time with my family. Your frustration is understood. Hang in there, you can do this. Hugs.

      over 7 years ago
    • carm's Avatar

      Derbygirl, as an oncology nurse I have some patients with 3 pages of meds and that regimen is not unusual. I myself take just as much and I have had HIV + patients take over 25 pills daily. They are a necessary evil but you can ask your prescribing doctor if you can lessen the number or get them in another form. Nausea meds come in patches and a lot of meds now combine 2 types like a hypertension / hypercholesteremia med. If some of your meds are supplements livea vitamin, you can get chewables or melts. I take a wild cherry vitamin B12 melt daily and they taste like a wild cherry lifesaver. Consult your doctor and go online and look up your meds to see what other forms they come in besides an oral form. Good luck, Carm.

      over 7 years ago
    • Carol-Charlie's Avatar

      Come on Derby Girl..... This is just a down day for you I'm sure. I take 5 pills in AM, then Asprin every time my back hurts too much 4 more pills... Then two with dinner and three at night. I thank God that the pills are there to help me lead my normal life (almost) I'm counting down to 70th birthday! I survived Stage IV Ovarian... I can swallow some pills!... And I know you can and do. I hope today does go better for you, and you can thank God for all the wonderful things you're been able to accomplish today when you close your eyes tonight!!!

      over 7 years ago
    • Kathy's Avatar

      Hi Derbygirl. - I feel for ya. Then sometimes when I'm trying to swallow the gag reflex kicks in. I have been able to get some meds in liquid form and also suppositories. I also drink a chocolate protein shake. It gets easier when the chemo day is behind me and my mouth gets moist again. It's a rough journey. Hang in there and take care.

      over 7 years ago
    • Dick_K's Avatar

      Hi Derbygirl, I hope this feeling is just one that perhaps comes and goes. I take a targeted therapy medication for my melanoma and for over 2 ½ years was taking 13 pills a day; 11 pills a day now due to some liver problems and dosage reduction. Sometimes I too wonder about taking the medicine but it is for just a fleeting moment and I snap back into reality – I probably would not be alive if I were not taking the medication. Previous answers had some good points about perhaps being able to combine some medications or change method of delivery. Good luck and stay strong.

      over 7 years ago

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