• Side effects from chemo

    Asked by Brielle on Friday, May 17, 2013

    Side effects from chemo

    Has anyone experienced a side effect with fingernails coming loose from the nail bed? If so, what was effective in combatting this chemo surprise?

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    • SueRae1's Avatar

      Yep, my finger nails were splitting, come loose from the nail bed, etc. I found that jojoba oil or emu oil massaged on to fingers a few times a day help some. If it gets really bad, speak to your team they may have some ideas, or send you for a consult with a specialist. Good luck.

      over 4 years ago
    • Ydnar2xer's Avatar

      My fingernails turned blackish-purple and my toenails came loose. I must have lost about 6 toenails, but my fingernails are now getting back to normal. I never came up with any treatment of them that helped. Sorry!

      over 4 years ago
    • KimmieJo's Avatar

      I never lost any fingernails, but I did lose toenails. I kept lotion on them and just watched for changes in the skin. They came back after my frontline treatment was over. I am now doing chemo for a recurrance and so far the nails have stayed put!

      over 4 years ago
    • Carol-Charlie's Avatar

      I had same problem but only my fingernails..... Oncologist said to rub Tea Tree Oil on and around the nails twice a day and cut them short.. I never lost any nails doing this... but they have stayed weak.... Been off chemo for five years so... I have discovered acrylic nails and am again myself with nice nails. Good luck...

      over 4 years ago
    • leepenn's Avatar

      keeping them short is a good move... otherwise, there's really not much to be done that i know of. definitely don't pick at them... but, that's really all i've got!

      sorry you are dealing with that side effect - it sucks!

      oh - and i highly recommend you DON'T slam one of those fingers in a door... i mean, that would suck... right? ha ha - seriously, though, i did that, and it was horrible. nail completely came off and so on. and it was excruciatingly painful. so, protest those fingers of yours!

      over 4 years ago
    • Seinfeldfan's Avatar

      I also had this problem. My doctor recommended biotin and cutting the nails as short as possible, which seemed to help. It takes a while to see results as you have to wait for the nail to grow out. I was also at the end of my chemo, so my nails may have returned to normal anyway, but it doesn't hurt to try the biotin.

      over 4 years ago
    • WendyLew's Avatar

      no I didn;t have that - my nails are quite trashed from the chemo - brittle and not growing... but usually lifting from the bed would indicate an infection - fungal or bacterial? like a yeast infection, which commonly causes that. I would seek a doctors advice on it - tho there are OTC treatments - topical antifungals; and even natural treatments that may help - like tea tree oil and other... I had a friend who had this condition for 8 years and finally found out it was a systemic yeast infection and had simple treatment. Once you find out what it IS, then you can probably fix it quite easily! Hope this helps!?.

      over 4 years ago
    • DaveWaz's Avatar

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      Thank you for your input!

      about 4 years ago

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