• Stage IV now

    Asked by lujos on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

    Stage IV now

    This has been hard to think, much less say. I found out Friday my cancer has spread, to liver, bones, lymph nodes and possibly pancreas (rare, but possible). I’m waiting for a pancreas biopsy to determine if pancreas is a new primary cancer or another bc secondary. Apparently treatment can’t be determined until they know that, so I’m sitting around waiting...

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    • beachbum5817's Avatar

      Waiting is the worst. I hope they won't keep you waiting too long. I can't imagine how hard it is to know that you have gone from whatever stage to stage 4. It is always in the back of our minds that we may have to go there one day. I hope that your doctors will come back with a plan or maybe a clinical trial that will keep your cancer from progressing. I am sending you prayers and good thoughts. Take care.

      over 1 year ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      Lumos, I'm so sorry for this turn of events. I hope a positive treatment plan can be developed for you.

      over 1 year ago
    • JaneA's Avatar

      Waiting is the worst. I was Stage IV at diagnosis - quite a shock. But I'm still here 5 years later. Treatment options have improved over the last five years. I know that it is hard when our brains are swirling with all of this, but once your team knows what they are dealing with and develop a plan, you'll likely hunker down mentally and adjust to your new normal. I am so sorry that you are facing this.

      over 1 year ago
    • Lynne-I-Am's Avatar

      lujos, what to say? First I want to send you tons of support . I am sure it was very difficult to share this news with us. As others have stated once the doctors know exactly what they and you are dealing with then a treatment plan can be started, but the waiting is it’s own form of torture. There are many WhatNexters here cotinuing to live their lives many years after being diagnosed with a later stage cancer, I am one of them. As much as cancer can and does surprise, so can we.

      over 1 year ago
    • Jayne's Avatar

      So sorry to hear this news, Lujos, hopefully there will be a clear path forward for you once the biopsies come back.

      over 1 year ago
    • andreacha's Avatar

      Lujos, I am so terribly sorry to hear of this latest news. Like Jane A, I was diagnosed at Stage IV. Don't lose Faith or Hope. Just make sure your doctors explain your plan of treatment in laymen's terms so you will know where you are at all times. I'm here to help support you along with the others in our group - 13 years out from surgery. Please let us know how you are doing when you feel up to it

      over 1 year ago
    • Bug's Avatar

      I’m so sorry to hear this, lujos. What a blow. I’m sending you very best wishes. Hang in there. We’re here for you.

      over 1 year ago
    • Carool's Avatar

      Lujos, I’m so sorry. As Bug said, we’re here for you.

      over 1 year ago
    • Kalee's Avatar

      I'm sorry Lujos that you got this news. I too was told that my cancer had come back and was stage 4....quite a surprise. Make sure you have great doctors and a really good treatment plan. There might be a clinical trial available for you? Hopefully you live in an area that has a great cancer medical team that has every piece of information there is to help you.

      over 1 year ago
    • MLT's Avatar

      Lumos, such devastating news. Almost 2 years ago, I received the metastatic diagnosis. It is so encouraging to see responses from others who are 5+ years out from their news. Treatments are changing daily for us. Be sure to ask for gene testing, it may lead your medical team to a treatment. You are in my prayers.

      over 1 year ago
    • fiddler's Avatar

      I've enjoyed getting to know you a bit by reading your responses over the years. However, this is not what I was ever expecting to read, never never, again and again! You must be going through a lot right now....

      Maybe you're aware that there are alternative treatments and you realize that some of them aid in what the doctors are doing. Perhaps you're willing to experience one such treatment? One treatment goes beyond what we would expect, expanding our expectations. The possibilities are unlimited.

      Before I begin to say what one method is, let me say that I just finished reading a book "Hypnosis & Counseling in the treatment of Cancer and other Chronic Illness". The authors cite stories of people who found healing in this treatment. They also said rapport with the counselor is paramount for the desired outcome. The competence of the person is equally important.

      After reading this post with new information in it, imagine if it worked! You're at a crossroads - take a path - allopathic only or with a supportive alternative treatment. Either way, you'll begin your journey into healing now.

      over 1 year ago
    • BuckeyeShelby's Avatar

      Like Jane & Andrea, I was diagnosed with stage IV from the onset. That was 7 and a half years ago. I'm still causing trouble. Hang in there.

      over 1 year ago
    • JustForToday's Avatar

      Lujos, thank you for sharing. I remember the shock and disbelief I experienced when I was first diagnosed with cancer. I can only imagine how much harder it was for you to hear "Stage 4". I hope your medical team acts quickly because they know how hard it is for you to wait for answers and treatment plans. My heart goes out to you with positive thoughts.

      over 1 year ago
    • Dltmoll's Avatar

      I am so sorry to hear this. Waiting is pure torture. Hopefully, you will get results very soon so you can start the next part of this journey. Thoughts and hugs are with you.

      over 1 year ago
    • Jesse0218's Avatar

      I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say other than I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, esp while you wait. Waiting is hard. The most horrible part of not knowing is the wait to find out. I hope you find out either way soon so you'll have a direction to go.

      over 1 year ago
    • leslie48240's Avatar

      Lujos...Hang in there. And hang on tight. I was also diagnosed in 11/2007 with Stage IV...Breast cancer Her2 hr+ spread to spine and liver. That was the bad news. Good news is that now it is 2020 and I am still here and enjoying life. Chemo for 18 months. No Radiation. No longer on meds of any kind. Testing clear since March of 2009. I believe the Herceptin was what saved me. And a great Dr that adjusted levels of treatment to match my reactions. Still live in fear of re-occurrence...but so glad to be here. We got your back! Lots of survivors out here too. Big hug.

      over 1 year ago
    • Rustysmom's Avatar

      Oh, Lujos, I can't tell you how disappointing this news is. I hope the wait isn't too long to gather all the information you need to establish a treatment plan. Metavivor is a good source of information, in addition to this site. As others have said, there are new treatments every day. I have a sister that is eight years out from diagnosis at stage 4 and still doing well. We are all here for you, sending you prayers and virtual hugs.

      over 1 year ago
    • BoiseB's Avatar

      Lujos, I am a 10 year survivor of stage IV esophageal cancer. Stage IV is not a death sentence. I have also had two primary cancers at the same time. Yes the Dr.s argued over treatment and the decision was finally made by the tumor board. That was 7 years ago. There is lots of hope out there.
      May I pray for you?

      over 1 year ago
    • lujos' Avatar

      Prayers welcome, though I’m not religious! The stories of life after stage IV are heartening, I hope I’m one of those lucky ones!

      over 1 year ago
    • MLT's Avatar

      Seeing how many of us with Srage 4 are living way past predicted times is so encouraging! Gives me great hope.

      over 1 year ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      Oh lujos, I'm so sorry to read your news. I hope you'll soon have a treatment plan - sitting around waiting, for me, is the hardest of all.

      I'm another Stage IV survivor. I was given 4 months back in October 2012 and I'm still here, doing well.

      over 1 year ago
    • petieagnor's Avatar

      i also have Stage IV MBC in my lung. I understand your waiting fears. Every 3 months I wait for my results making me nuts for about a week. I've been going through this now for 4 years. I was so encouraged by all of the people on this site who are just like me. I hold everyone in the healing arms of God.

      about 1 year ago

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