• Strange Stomach cramps?

    Asked by StegalMan on Monday, March 18, 2013

    Strange Stomach cramps?

    How do you know if stomach cramps are related to your cancer or just because you may have eaten something bad?

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    7 answers
    • Clyde's Avatar

      I have a couple of strange reactions to food and food combinations that I am trying to figure out. Every time I think I have found it, it shows up in a different form. What I have done is (when this has happened), go home and write down everything I ate, including breaking down ingredients if possible taking particular note of anything out of the ordinary I might have ingested or if I had stepped into the world of food I know will upset my system (corn products, dairy (the past few years and I miss ice cream terribly) most cheap fast food, bell peppers). Then, the next day, I try to avoid those same foods, excepting anything that I eat on a regular basis (coffee, whole wheat bread for instance) and see if the symptoms disappear. They always do. Its sort of like going to an allergist without paying out the money (clarification: If I thought I was seriously allergic to something I would consult a professional). Our bodies start to react to various foods as we get older that we had no problem with in our youth so I would give it some time (at least overnight) before getting too upset unless I became violently ill (and even then, it could just be mild food poisoning or a temporary reaction between a food and meds you might be on). If it persists over a couple of days, then you have reason for concern. I also avoid any stomach soothers (over the counter meds) as they could mask a serious situation. If its nothing, it will go away pretty quickly but if it is serious, you want to know and the unpleasantness is worth it to discover the problem.

      over 7 years ago
    • CAS1's Avatar

      We all need to make sure we are replacing the natural probiotics in our stomachs because BTW the treatments and our not so perfect eating habits we can really upset the system.
      Try drinking a regular cup or two of liguid yogurt..Kefir holds 12 of the most important probiotics for your stomach and I would also reccomed Acidophilus as a vitamin 1-2 caps per day.. It can make a huge diffrence in your digestion and any constipation issues.

      I would suspect anything that progresses is cause for concern.

      over 7 years ago
    • CrazyHarry's Avatar

      Looks like I'm about in the same boat as you. Dx on 12.20.2012. Started with Chemo/Radiation and I had terrible stomach issues during treatment and sadly, they are still continuing 2 weeks after ending chemo. Many times it was severe constipation. I also found that I'm getting much more burpy. One thing to remember is that the chemo treatments act on fast growing cells, which is what the digestive tract is made of from top to bottom.

      Sending you healing wishes as you continue on your healing journey.


      over 7 years ago
    • Peroll's Avatar

      Teh stomach cramps are most likely due to the chemo and not the cancer itsself. Chemo for vcolon cancer is designed to irritate the colon tissues so that it rejects the csancer thus it tends to cause diahrrhea, nausea/vomiting and stomach and intestinal cramping. I am on Stivarga too and have had the intestinal crapming along with the diahrrhea. I know that it is no fun but I can tell you from experience that there are worse chemo side effects out there. Be sure to tell your Dr about the cramping and he may perscribe some meds to either lessen the cramping or at lest lessen the pain. Also he may advise you to eat the yougurt or other probiotic containing foods that others have mentioned. Good Luck

      over 7 years ago
    • nancyjac's Avatar

      I agree with Peroll about it being more likely to be a side effect of chemo rather than a symptom of cancer. I had about 12 hours during each chemo cycle when I had really bad stomach cramps and in my case they were related to diarrhea. If you are not currently taking chemo and you don't have diarrhea with the cramps, I would suspect some other cause like what you ate or a stomach virus. If it occurs frequently or continues for more than a couple of days, I would definitely have it checked out by your PCP.

      over 7 years ago
    • Tracy's Avatar

      When you have cancer your brain goes to that cancer place right away. Meanwhile the stress your body is under then goes into overdrive. If you are not reacting to a food issue you might be reacting to stress, this is normal for us. I can't count the number of times when a new pain, symptom or infection makes my emotions go into the spiral of "what ifs" (I have lived with this for 30 years).
      This in no way minimizes this reaction or the need to check it out with your doctor. I have found that my attention to my body has meant that I am able to communicate the things that are wrong much more clearly and get treatment early for things that others might just live with.
      As patients and survivors we are much more susceptible to food contamination/poisoning as well as having an immune system that can be challenged. Please take care of yourself, if you need to talk give me a shout - Tracy

      over 7 years ago
    • Skylex's Avatar

      I was having bad stomache cramps. I am stage iv colorectal cancer. Thought the cramps were related to the cancer an chemo which was partially right. However turns out I also had gallstones. Had my gallbladder out a few weeks ago. No cramps ever since. You may want to get it checked out. Doesn't hurt. I am told that it is common to have gallbladder issues durring chemo.

      over 7 years ago

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