• Support needed - anyone is planning for a half or any marathon after chemo??

    Asked by cranburymom on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    Support needed - anyone is planning for a half or any marathon after chemo??

    My chemo finished in march this year. I am still on herceptin and hormone meds. I thought that signing up to a marathon will be a good thing for my body and mind. here is "but"...I am still getting muscle pains in many different areas - seems to travel one side to the other, right leg to left, up and down. My ONC told me that it will take up to 18mos to heal. My 1/2 marathon is in Sept 16th - I hate to quit or loose my deposit. But everytime I feel these pains, my BAD memories with taxotere and carbo (and neulasta!!) come right back.

    I do not want to quit now and want to have fun with it as much as i can....
    it will be so much more fun if I know anyone from this community will be doing the same or similar...
    The event name is Rock 'n Roll Philly 1 half marathon. it is i thing 9/16.

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    • whirl's Avatar

      I did not take herceptin but I did go down hill skiing 4 weeks after a double mastectomy and reconstruction. I stayed at the gym working out during chemo. My suggestion is see what you can do in your training. Times will be slower but if you can be with in the time limit of the event, docs don't care then go for it. Otherwise you may have bought a 50 dollar t-shirt. For Sept it is getting short to get a friend who has never done one for you to mentor thru it. I have often done that with the Indianapolis mini marathon. It is fun to help some one do their first 1/2. I would look at the medicine package inserts to see if the side effects from your meds are causing the aches. I know with statins they can cause muscle aches and CQ10 helps them. Maybe there is a supplement to help you with yours.
      good luck

      almost 9 years ago
    • leepenn's Avatar

      hey there

      why run when you can bike?

      seriously, though... here are the thoughts that jump to my mind.

      i wonder if you are dealing with some imbalances in your strength. traveling up one side and down the other - you say... do you do any yoga?

      do not run two days in a row... use the bike for non-run days so that you get the training you want. you can definitely train for a half on just three days running per week if your workout schedule includes quality cross training.

      lastly, err on the side of run/walk. take walk breaks once per mile - about one minute long. that will ease some of the pain you're dealing with and won't much affect your overall time because you'll naturally run a little more easily after each walk break. walk through every water stop!

      you're about 8 weeks from your event - what's your current longest run? can you slow your training schedule a little bit? there's no need to go beyond 12 miles for your long run in preparation for a half marathon....

      be sure that you are being conservative on your weekly increase to your intensity / mileage. the 10% rule is super important - do not increase your mileage by more than 10% per week.

      good luck! i'll be rooting for you!

      almost 9 years ago
    • cranburymom's Avatar

      Thank you both for great answers.
      I forgot about CoQ10 - I will read up on it. Thanks.
      I just came back from neuromascular massage - the therapist is also certified for cancer massage (I did not know such a thing exist!). After we went over my condition, she thinks that pains on my left side (from lower back down to leg) might results from compensation of my weak right quad. So my original pain on right quad made me overuse the left leg - this makes lots sense to me now. At least I am not crazy!

      I begin to feel QL muscle on left after 2 hr of bike - not strong enough to stop pedaling, though. So I finished my 35miles, and another 30miles last week. For running, my IT bands (both sides) and left quad start to fail after 8 mile run or so. But not sever enough that I need ice.

      Leepen, I do not know why I signed up for my first 1/2 when I can bike, but I did. Since I cannot get my $ back, I will show up and have fun. Your idea of having many stops would work. I love running, so this is a big bummer that I can't run as much.

      I did nothing for the last two days - so can't wait to go out there. I am planning to bike to work tomorrow- only 7 miles, so I hope to take a scenic route. :-)

      thanks for great comments.



      over 8 years ago
    • Kris' Avatar

      I am not planning a half marathon but a 5k which for me is more than I have ever done. My 5k is in October. I just finished herceptin in April. It was amazing how 4 weeks after I finished my aching joints/muscles went away. Now I just have the aches of my 40 year old body. Before that for a year of herceptin, I felt like I was in pain much of the time. I was blown away by how quickly and completely that pain left and I am back to my older but normal self. I hope your marathon goes well; but I will think about you with the pain of herceptin. It will not be easy!

      over 8 years ago
    • leepenn's Avatar

      makiko - you're running will come back! i'm about to start running stairs again! walk breaks during runs will mean you can do more... and enjoy more... and prevent injury. anyway, and i'm pretty excited about the stairs - they hurt so good. yay stairs!

      over 8 years ago
    • armywife199's Avatar

      I am so glad to see these responses. I also will be doing a 1/2 marathon 4 wks post op. I plan on walking it. Mastectomy was tough but I through Christ am tougher!

      over 8 years ago

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