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    Asked by ldmikolay1 on Monday, August 10, 2015

    Survey emails

    I don't know about anyone else, but I joined this group to be able to talk to people that understand what it is we all face every day and to maybe make a difference in someone's life or have someone make a difference in my life, however I did not join the group to be chased by someone requesting / demanding I complete their 20 - 40 minute survey. I don't know if anyone else is getting these survey requests, however I am extremely annoyed by them.

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    • meyati's Avatar

      It's really frustrating. You've probably seen the gold river in the Rocky Mtns. That's here. The EPA busted open a huge holding pond on an abandoned gold mine in Colorado. The EPA didn't contact anyone. Colorado fish and game officers on the river got on the horn. They contacted the governors and state EPAs, fish and game officers of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona on their own. They immediately collected water samples- and the EPA wouldn't let the fish and game officers send the samples to an EPA. These states have been paying for their lab work, paying for drinkable water to be taken to ranchers, small villages that get water directly from the river. IT TOOK OVER A WEEK B4 THE HEAD OF THE EPA CAME OUT AND ALL SHE SAID WAS THE EPA MADE A MISTAKE. The state attorney generals are working with counties and towns to sue the EPA, and New Mexico has already spent millions. Some of our congressmen are driving huge water tankers on 300 mile trips one way taking water for cattle, deer-small villages. This has mercury, iron, arsenic, cadmium, etc. What will this do for the children- what diseases and conditions will they develop? Anytime there's a flood or a quake from fracking- this stuff will rise up and go down stream some more-poisoning everyone. What happens to all of the mosses and grasses that normally grow on the river bottom, the snails and bugs that feed the fish? The EPA says that it will investigate itself- it doesn't need any oversight.

      I understand CJ, I've read a lot about it. ALS is so bad too. Carool- it was a mess when I had my first child. Then they didn't do C-section if the water broke. Mine broke, and she was breech. Back then it was normal to spend 3 days in labor with a normal birth- give some gas to the mother. They told my husband to go his church or ship and get his best friend that would help him make funeral arrangements for both of us. In spite of the doctors, This was Monday, and they told me that I'd be dead by Sat. I muscled through that in 5 hours. I checked in at 8 and had her by 1:13 PM-same day. Several times, I screamed and cried for them to call a taxi- They mocked me by saying I couldn't run away from it. I told them that taxi drivers delivered lots of babies, and knew how to do it, obviously they didn't know how to do it. I could go into more, but I wasn't even given an aspirin for the pain. I had 3 natural births-- the others weren't painful at all, but I cannot understand those that choose this stupid torment. They kept ignoring me, because it was only the first day.

      almost 6 years ago
    • Carool's Avatar

      Meyati, your first birthing was horrible! That'd have made me put a "Shop Closed" sign on my uterus! Not that I needed that, since I never had kids. How could your doctor have thrown up his hands like that? XXXX! I'm inserting the Xs myself, to save Mr. Censure the trouble. And I'm in total agreement with you regarding women giving birth without the latest painkillers, especially as nowadays the baby isn't affected. Would anyone have a tooth pulled, or an operation done, without anesthesia? I know giving birth isn't the same as those procedures, but I still think it's "stupid torment," as you said.

      Re CJD - The worst part is, to me, the dementia, though maybe it's merciful that the sufferer loses awareness of what's happening. My cousin Miriam had ALS - very different disease, of course - and died of it. Actually, she chose to not have a feeding tube inserted and to die instead, so, in a sense, she committed suicide rather than live for a year or so more immobilized and unable to talk.

      Enough. I hope your weekend is smooth, cool and filled with dog snuffles! Hugs -

      almost 6 years ago
    • meyati's Avatar

      Carool, I can say one thing- I never had a kid in the hospital parking lot. This was before the pill. I got pregnant while nursing, then the pill came and I got pregnant. Then I tried a new pill, and I lost twins. One of my husband's uncles told my husband to fix the problem at the source---Oh, I'm allergic to latex, so pelvic exam had me hurting inside. The Navy realised that when I was examined by GYN residents---about the 4th one- said- "What's happening here? She's getting red and swollen up." So the leader looked again. I love those those old fashioned charts with grease pencils. They had GYN-and a circled number. That meant that they used the special gloves on me.

      almost 6 years ago

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