• Today we start a new weekly post "Thankful Thursday"

    Asked by GregP_WN on Thursday, October 11, 2012

    Today we start a new weekly post "Thankful Thursday"

    While any of us that have been through or are going through this journey have the right to be angry, worried, sick, etc., we all have something to be thankful for.

    So today, What are you thankful for?

    23 Answers from the Community

    23 answers
    • BuckeyeShelby's Avatar

      I am thanking for this community. Where I can share the good stuff and whine about the bad and people GET IT!

      almost 5 years ago
    • ticklingcancer's Avatar

      Good question Greg!! I have so much to be thankful for. My support group (firends, family) that came together to get me through my treatments. I always had someone sitting next to me while receiving chemo. My Mom, Grandmother, Wife, Brother, Friends.....the list goes on. Just like Buckeye, I'm thankful for this site. I wish I would have known about it during my treatments. I am thankful that I am done with my treatments and able to share my story with others or offer a bit of encouragement to someone that might be having a bad day. I had plenty of those....

      almost 5 years ago
    • nobrand's Avatar

      I'm thankful for hot coffee and foggy mornings :) It's the simple things that make life grand!

      almost 5 years ago
    • SueRae1's Avatar

      I am thankful for medical teams, family, friends and support groups.

      almost 5 years ago
    • teddyfuzz's Avatar

      I am thankful for God, my husband, my family and my friends and I am happy that to have a job with good health insurance. I am thankful for all the people that contribute to this website by sharing their stories with others, good and bad. Sometimes I wish that we could all meet outside of this virtual world, just to say "hi".
      And my naughty self says that I'm thankful for margaritas and rock music! Drinkin' and dancin' boo-yeah! (please don't tell my mom, okay??)

      almost 5 years ago
    • JudyS's Avatar

      I am very thankful for people like you who ask great questions and help me to express myself and what I went through. I'm very thankful for the support of the company I work for during my treatment time but most of all I'm thankful for the support of my family and my faith!

      almost 5 years ago
    • packerbacker's Avatar

      I am thankful for the love and support from my husband, the devotion and compassion of the staff at the cancer center, and of the people here in the community where I can ask questions I haven't asked anyone else.

      almost 5 years ago
    • Ydnar2xer's Avatar

      I'm thankful for waking up each morning with this out my window...when it isn't raining!

      almost 5 years ago
    • lynn1950's Avatar

      Here I am, four years later, relatively healthy with a one year old grandbaby whom I adore. I'm working and playing and life is good. I am very grateful to have health insurance and to live in a country that at least for now believes that everyone has a right to health care.

      almost 5 years ago
    • Stormysire's Avatar

      I am thankful I was able to go for a walk on my lunch today. I actually enjoyed the walk.. almost no pain.

      almost 5 years ago
    • ddgram's Avatar

      I am thankful to be here with my family and be a part of these network.

      almost 5 years ago
    • EAGLESOAR's Avatar

      I'm thankful for the strength of my husband who is fighting this disease, our family and friends who have been a tremendous support team for us both, our wonderful doctors and nurses who answer all our questions and always are ready to help us...and this website and the people on it who "get it" and allow us to reflect on the fight of our lives. I'm thankful for hope.

      almost 5 years ago
    • SunnyCloud's Avatar

      I am thankful to awake to a new day and be able to feel, smell, and hear my 8 yrs old. Nothing makes me smile like hearing her giggle in her room. :)

      almost 5 years ago
    • veesandee's Avatar

      When I was going through my journey, I did not want anybody to see me but my husband. I am the luckest women on the face of the world. You know when someone truely loves you. He never complained. Always had a smile. Kind words. I am so greatful that I found my true love and he loves me unconditionly. Newly webs of 12 years.

      almost 5 years ago
    • Carol-Charlie's Avatar

      Each night I try to thank God for some special 'thing' from that day. Sooooo many times it is Tom, my husband. God, in his wisdom gave me this kind and gentle man who told me I was beautiful each day through the chemo.. hairless, queezyness, tiredness.... and my crabbyness, He is a true gift from God!... I'll save more for next Thursday!

      almost 5 years ago
    • liznparadise's Avatar

      I am thankful that my colonoscopy and diagnosis was on Dec. 2nd. I went on Medicare on Dec. 1st and had chosen the F plan for a supplemental (thanks to a good friend's advice) so all of my tests and treatments were covered. Cancer is expensive! At least that was one thing I didn't have to worry about.

      almost 5 years ago
    • Reel's Avatar

      Wow - having a really down day. You just spoiled my feeling sorry for myself. Thank you. I am thankful for the love of my life. My wife, Judy, has been an amazing rock for me. When I needed a little babying, she did that for me, and she also gives me a little kick in the XXX when I need it. Thank you Judy - I love you.

      almost 5 years ago
    • LuvinSis' Avatar

      I'm thankful my sister has tolerated the first 2 rounds of chemo so well & for this community which has provided me with education, support, and hope!

      almost 5 years ago
    • Paw's Avatar

      Hi GregP_WN, thanks for asking. I'm thankful for my belief and trust in God, my husband, mother,mother in law, son, sisters, brothers, and friends. I am so grateful for everything I take nothing for granted.

      almost 5 years ago
    • Marilita's Avatar

      I'm grateful for my husband who told me over two years ago, "We're in this together." He's been with me to practically every chemo or doctors appoints. I'm grateful for a faith community who is always praying for me. And I'm grateful for the cancer that has shown me things about myself I never knew and shown me the love my husband has for me.

      almost 5 years ago
    • izzysmom's Avatar

      I am always thankful for every day I am given, but today I am most thankful for my cats. They are what keep me going...husband left me, couldn't have children so am pretty alone if not for Izzy and Sampson. They make me laugh and love me unconditionally.

      almost 5 years ago
    • lilnursey's Avatar

      I am thankful for my friends and family who " loved me through it"

      almost 5 years ago
    • critterbug192's Avatar

      I'm thankful for a doctor that sent me for a colonoscopy due to family history and helped to get me on my way to healthy again. I'm also thankful for my hubby, Ed, who was there for me through the whole treatment as well as my family (including my 4-legged babies) and friends.

      almost 5 years ago

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