• Tomorrow I have 1st round of Chemo RCHOP I have stage3 non Hodjkins lymphomia. Yes I'm scared. We live in Calif and we did'nt have insurance

    Asked by RachelB on Monday, December 3, 2012

    Tomorrow I have 1st round of Chemo RCHOP
    I have stage3 non Hodjkins lymphomia. Yes I'm scared. We live in Calif and we did'nt have insurance

    We are recieving help from Hospital and a program called MSI. We went to get the anti nausea meds called EMEND and it costs $400.00 oh my gosh. It was Sat Costco has to order it and then Costco closed. You have to take it before you start chemo 1 hr before . We did find a pharmacy that could get it. We can pick it up Monday before treatment.I guess that you can apply to the pharmacy company to get it due to financial distress. Has any one in Orange county incountered this problem of this drugg not being covered by MSI? and how effective do you think the EMEND was for you. You can't take it after starting chemo. We will work on finding a way but we will have to spend the $400.00 to be covered tomorrow.When the DR. gave me precriptions he mentioned that it could be expensive but I was over whelmed and that was just last thursday. I did not think to ask how to figure a way around it and He did say contact the company but wow that takes time right? I admit I'm terrifyed of going to chemo

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    • Tracy's Avatar

      I cant help much with your question but I want to give you emotional support. I would suggest that you talk with the oncologist that you are getting treatment with (actually I have gotten more with their nurses) they are very experienced with this kind of issue and will point you in the right direction. They have seen it all and may have contacts. You wont know how you react until you start so don't freak out yet. Find ways to get out of your head, funny movies, books and way you can laugh. Feel free to contact me if you need to chat. Take care, Tracy

      over 8 years ago
    • gwendolyn's Avatar

      That long list of possible side effects on the chemo consent form can be scary, but many of your worst fears will not come to pass. Your doctor and nurses will help you manage whatever comes up. Don't be shy about telling them everything and asking for help managing any side effects. The nurses have seen it all. I'm sorry you have financial worries on top of everything else you are dealing with. Your oncology center may have a social worker to help you sort out your best options for financial issues.

      over 8 years ago
    • Arod's Avatar

      That was my first round of chemo regimen. I was scared too, but came through the process with very little side effects. However, as they tell you, everyone is different and experiences chemotherapy based on different factors. I guess since you are in CA, the meds situation may be a little different as the anti-nausea medications were a part of the chemo regimen so there was no separate costs just for the nausea meds. Good Luck to you.

      over 8 years ago
    • Schlegel's Avatar

      I never took a $400 drug. I think I took Benadryl and Ativan, but I'm not sure. Whatever I took was less than a dollar a pill, but the hospital charged about ten dollars a pill. I now bring my own meds for chemo.

      The first treatment will tell you how your blood counts respond to chemo. If there is a problem with any of them, it can be easily treated.
      I became neutropenic (very low white blood count) and got a severe infection after my first treatment. After that was treated, I simply got Neulasta the day after chemo and no or minimal problems. I would get chemo on Monday, and on tuesday I would see home patients for physical therapy all day, then go to band practice at night. I would get mild diarrhea four days later, not activity limiting.

      over 8 years ago
    • HeidiJo's Avatar

      I also had R-CHOP. I did take Emend once before surgery and one pill cost us $30 with our insurnace. I get really nausous in general, so I had a lot of nausea with chemo. I tool Ativan and Zofran, which worked pretty good, but I also took home remedies. Ginger helped a lot and sea bands. Hang on there, it is scary, but you can do it!

      over 8 years ago
    • CVWeisler's Avatar

      I took EMEND and it was a life saver, i bet if you ask your oncologist there may be samples there you can take , i was given a sample to help me through the nausea,it wouldnt hurt to ask, ask for a generic med that is similar to EMEND which will be a lot less out of pocket

      over 8 years ago
    • Sofi's Avatar

      I hope your first round of R-CHOP went okay. I had 6 rounds. Yes, it's scary and can be hard--everybody's different as they say--but you will get through it. I am so sorry that you have insurance issues on top of everything, and that's why I am writing. Someone mentioned Neulasta for low blood counts. That is something the oncologists seem to prescribe as a matter of course, and it is incredibly expensive. (Someone told me it is $8,000 a shot.) I had one experience and found that it is also incredibly painful (for me). Sometimes Claritin can help with the bone pain that goes with it, but I opted to not take the Neulasta even though insurance would have paid. Instead I got acupuncture which helped my blood counts. (This is controversial, but, for me, it worked.) The other option was to wait for 4 weeks between treatments so that blood counts would come up on their own. In MN there are places that will provide acupuncture for free, so perhaps you could find someone in CA. Acupuncture has a lot of benefits, and many oncologists recommend it for side effects in general.

      I wish you all the best.

      over 8 years ago

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