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    Asked by CASSIEME1 on Tuesday, January 23, 2018


    Have anyone been told by their oncologist that they now recommend 10 years of treatment the BCA new advisory. I was initially told 5 years oral medication as a precautionary measure for stage 1 breast cancer.Ii just had an appointment with my doctor.2 weeks ago. I was highly upset. I asked for the new literature. I went home and researched it. the study does not apply if you had adjunctive therapy. I discussed this with my primary doctor and he agree with me and said he suggest that I be watched than if need proceed.

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    • cllinda's Avatar

      I was told that it is recommended that the oral medication should be taken for ten years. I don't have any difficulty with the drug so I don't mind if I have to take it for five more years. My doctor said it may keep breast cancer and other cancers away. In my history, I had lumpectomy, TCH chemo, and 7 weeks of radiation.

      12 months ago
    • Ejourneys' Avatar

      I'm still working on my first five years of anastrozole (which I've now taken for 3 years 1 month), so I don't have to think about extending it to ten years just yet. As I told my oncologist (and he agreed), one never knows what will be discovered in the interim.

      In January 2016 I experienced a blood clot from my chemo port. My oncologist told me that if I experienced a second clot, I would have to get off endocrine therapy, period, since any hormone pill increases clot risk. He raised the possibility then and there of my stopping anastrozole. I quizzed other members of my medical team.

      My surgeon was in favor of continuing anastrozole.
      My radiation oncologist pointed out that anastrozole was shown to improve disease-free survival but not overall survival. (Still, DFS is not chump change.)
      My pharmacist pointed out that improving DFS but not OS is typical of all such disease medications, like those for cholesterol and heart disease.

      I chose to stick with anastrozole.

      There is now a Breast Cancer Index genetic test to see whether extending endocrine therapy beyond five years is advisable. I plan to look into it (or into any updated version) as I approach the five-year mark:

      12 months ago
    • cak61's Avatar

      I had stage one, lumpectomy with internal radiation. Initially, was told five years. Then, extended to ten. But my oncologist retired and the new one looked at my early stage cancer and said seven years (at that point), was more than enough. He said he would have taken me off at five years because these drugs are not without risks as well.
      I was comfortable with his decision.
      I also took into account that my oncotype DX score was low.
      I have to admit, it felt a little scary, like losing a safety net, but my hot flashes have eased. And they were making my quality of life just awful.
      Good luck to you.

      12 months ago
    • DianaL's Avatar

      I was told by my oncologist that I needed to take Tamoxifen for ten years instead of five. He told me all the studies showed that the ten years lessened our possibility of a recurrence. I have also seen this on the evening news. I have started Year six on this drug.

      12 months ago
    • CASSIEME1's Avatar

      thanks, I read the BCI its a study that did not look at early stages that had surgery, chemo, radiation, and long term therapy. it only looked at the surgery .I don't think it covered all the bases. it says in fine print that it did not look at patient with adjunctive therapy.

      12 months ago
    • ChildOfGod4570's Avatar

      My first oncologist put me onTamoxifen for 5 years, but when I moved, my current oncologist,. having diagnosed me with osteopenia after a bone scan, decided to keep me on Tamoxifen because it was easier on my bones than other hormone blockers. When I lived in Ocala, my medical team didn't run the kind of tests I have been getting here in Jupiter, so I don' tknow how long I have been dealing with side effects. I have developed uterin fibroids that are harmless and need to be watched every 6 months. Making up her mind to watch me closely and monitor my tumor markers with a fine tooth comb, my oncologist weighed alloptions and test results and wound up extending my treatment plan to Tamoxifen for 10 years unless something goes dastardly wrong. Other hormone blockers would deplete bones, and treatments for that would affect my jaw and teeth. This I do not need, as I have early periodontal disease. I guess it comes down to which medication would do the least amount of harm at the end of the day. Like all of you, I sometimes wish we didn't have to pop these pills, but I'd rather put up with pills than go through debilitating chemo, necessary surgery, and inconvenient radiation again. HUGS and God bless.

      12 months ago
    • Fuxitol's Avatar

      Mine said 10. Going to be on Arimidex. Any experiences with that?

      12 months ago
    • Judytjab's Avatar

      Cassieme1, I had stage 1 with a low oncodx score(11). My oncologist told me that there is a test, like ejourneys mentioned, that tells you whether the benefits outweigh the risks of taking the meds for 10 years vs 5. I am definitely going to have that test when my 5 years are up taking tamoxifen. Ask your oncologist about this test. Keep us informed.

      12 months ago
    • Ejourneys' Avatar
    • BCMET4's Avatar

      I am a survivor of breast cancer and was on Tamoxifen for 5 years. I was told the same that it was now 10 years. I chose to not continue since I was tired of the jot flashes. What they don't tell you is that there is a fair chance that you can get MBC goes into your bones and or organs. Was on my 7th year cancer free when I found out I have MBC!! No real cure just drugs for life now and expensive ones at that so PLEASE stay on your meds for 10 years and ask for a bone scan or MRI for MBC!!!

      12 months ago
    • Rustysmom's Avatar

      My oncologist has suggested 10 years. I'm on Letrozole. She feels that it is in my best interest because of my family history (my mother had BC and a sister is metastatic BC) and the fact that my type cancer, ILC has a higher rate of mets after you hit the magic five year mark, unlike others that tend to decrease at that point. I know, none of us have been that happy about the new recommendations.

      12 months ago
    • mrsstevie's Avatar

      I'm also continuing Arimidex past the 5 year period. We discussed the bones/jaw issue and decided to continue. Of course will re-evaluate as the studies continue. I have no issue continuing past 5 years.

      12 months ago
    • Jesse0218's Avatar

      I was told 5 years. I had Stage 2 Breast Cancer. No chemo though. Just radiation. They had to put me on Effexor for the hot flashes after 800 IU of Vit E a day didn't help.
      I got worse hot flashes with the Femara than I had going through my change, which was easy.

      12 months ago

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