• Trying to help out with can't eat

    Asked by Memmie on Tuesday, June 4, 2013

    Trying to help out with can't eat

    How to Beat thrush, nauseous, just help with getting through the week of Chemo and then the next week that she is so ill , trying to keep her out of hospital thanks

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    • SueRae1's Avatar

      Your mom needs to keep her mouth from drying out - try having her gargle the following several times a day - 1 cup warm water mixed with 1 tsp baking powder and 1 tsp salt, I use kosher. Also speak to her oncologist about Nystain oral suspension - When I had thrush, that's what mine prescribed - it really helps get rid of it, and I think you can use it as a precaution as well.
      Try having her use biotine products - they have a whole line for dry mouth - I use their tooth paste and mouth wash twice a day, the also have gum and spray you can use through out the day.

      Have you tried ginger tea and/or candy for the nauseousness. I find they work really well. If not there are several meds - Compozine and Emend were what my team prescribed to help with the issue. I was lucky I didn't really need them the ginger worked, but others swear by these meds.

      over 7 years ago
    • KarenN@StF's Avatar
      KarenN@StF (Best Answer!)

      I feel the weight of your helplessness. It's so difficult to care for someone who is so ill and not give them relief. I don't know about your loved ones' other health issues or disease state- is there liver involvement or brain metastasis? That would involve some specific interventions. If not, are you using the under the tongue medication zofran or anti nausea suppositories if she is too nauseous to use pills? Also, use of ativan with anti-nausea meds helps diminish nausea and allows a person to rest more readily. Is she receiving IV fluids following treatment? Has her physician considered a dose reduction of medication?
      The thrush is best treated with prescription meds and then also keeping mouth clean before and after meals and at bedtime and staying hydrated. Sorry for all the questions, but just trying to understand what strategies have been tried. Good Luck

      over 7 years ago
    • glam's Avatar

      I suffered a lot with nauseas even though my protocol was not consider to give me that much feeling...... the only drug that helped me was Emend during the three first days of chemo and afterwords I used zofran, that did not wuit my nausea but somehow helped.....I use to eat ginger and was more likely to eat cold foods than hot ones because of the smell. drinking lots of water and liquids is very important to avoid dehidration.......Milk shakes worked ok for me and helped me with the needs of extra calories......talk with your doctor, he may have different suggestions......my one had to try several options till find one that more or less worked for me......God bless you and your mom......Keep fightinhg and good luck

      over 7 years ago
    • YogaJean's Avatar

      I attended an Integrative Oncology Conference in San Diego and this is the main topic of discussion. Nutrition, stress and adequate pain management can greatly relieve many side effects. I am a 10 year cc survivor and my oncologist suggested marijuana but didn't want to prescribe it. Things have changed! Now it is readily available and specifically bred for exact problems: nausea, vomiting, pain, neuropathy, sleep, anxiety and appetite. If one medication is so effective, why has it been so debated? It works. And when you get to point that you'd do anything - then it a Godsend.

      over 7 years ago
    • Memmie's Avatar

      KarenN she has used Ativan and does get IV fluids 2 to 3 times following Chemo - the Cancer is recurrent stage 4 - metastatic to pelvic wall tumor 5 cm - and medication was reduced by 20percent the most she will do for remaining Chemo - thank you for helping with your suggestions - everything that you all have suggested has now been put in a little folder called knowledge for future issues -- it has been so helpful to know this site is but a click away and that you wonderful people are here to hold out your hands and heart - being new to this site I did not know how to follow through with answering questions but have since learned to get around on here - this site is a god sent -- update - I have now completed Chemo - had my Pet scan and the tumor while not gone is no longer cancerous - the words remission never sounded so sweet - I live to see another day - I will now be every 3 months for my Pet - monthly to the Doctor and life goes on - so again thank u truly - I have new friends and renewed faith that there is still good in this world and for today I kicked Cancers Butt --

      over 7 years ago

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