• Wedding planning with cancer

    Asked by christinematth on Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    Wedding planning with cancer

    My boyfriend proposed to me two weeks go. I feel silly planning a wedding during chemo therapy, but I feel like it is also silly to postpone things based on a million what ifs and delay living my life because of fear. I am living at home now, so I have a lot of help from my family. I was just curious if anyone else has experienced this and if they have any advice on how I can make this as unstressful as possible. I will probably also need a wig, since I don't know how much my hair will grow back by the spring. Any suggestions on really nice wigs?

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    • SueRae1's Avatar

      Mazal Tov - such wonderful news, and something joyful to look forward to. Don't count your hair out yet, you never know how much will fall out, and how fast it will grow back.

      i never got a wig, but I know that your center has information on where to get good ones, and how to fill out the paper work so your insurance company will pay for as a medical device.

      Planning a wedding can be stressful, but if your willing to delegate to your family and/or friends you can mitigate this. Sit down and talk with them and let them know what you have in mind for the various aspects of the day - they can do the research and come back with a few well chosen options for everything, and all you have to do is decide
      on which one you like best (or ask for more options).

      about 8 years ago
    • leepenn's Avatar

      congratulations on your engagement!!!!! that's wonderful!

      hair? well - whatever makes you feel PRETTY and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

      about 8 years ago
    • Tallgrass69's Avatar

      You're alive so live!!!!

      about 8 years ago
    • ladyhawk's Avatar

      This is really sweet,, he is a total keeper! Your should be honored! And, have fun planning your special day,, who cares about chemo,, its a hurdle that should'nt control you or your life! Its just a passing through thing, you'll be alright! The American Cancer Society should be able to give you one wig at no charge,, if you have one near you, or you can call to see. I believe its better to try them on, instead of catalog shopping, because they don't look or fit right,,(which was my experience back then) I'm sure you may have some beauty supply stores in your area. And, when can we crash your wedding? jk,lol Blessings.... ;)

      about 8 years ago
    • Cellkiller's Avatar

      Place this problem in Gods hands.let him do all the WORRYand flatten all your STRESS You plan the bet happiest event in the history of your life. Remember Cancer isn't invited to your wedding. Blessings CELLKILLER.

      about 8 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      By all means, go for it! Enjoy your life to the fullest you can. There are several ladies on the site that have recently talked about wigs. So there is lots of info out there. Look at @HearMeRoar 's photo on the pinboard. She has on a wig that I would never have guessed. She looks great. Congratulations on the next step in your life.

      about 8 years ago
    • gwendolyn's Avatar

      Planning a wedding might be a good distraction for you. I like the idea of looking forward to something during treatment. I agree you should try on wigs in person rather than buying one online or from a catalog. I had a nice one that I picked out at a local shop *before* I lost my hair so I could try to match my own hair color as closely as possible. An experienced wig seller can also trim the wig to make subtle changes to the length or volume of the hair. Most people could not tell I was wearing a wig except that it looked better than my own hair. My wig was Rachel Welch brand. They are not cheap but your insurance may reimburse you most of the cost. http://www.wigs.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=18

      about 8 years ago
    • nicki0920's Avatar

      I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations! Be a total girl and dive into the lace, satin, taffeta, floral arrangements head first. You only (in theory) get married once. Make it spectacular. What better way to thumb your nose in cancer's face. Live a glorious life filled with love and happiness. Does the future Mr. christinematth have any single brothers in the Southern Indiana area because he sounds like a great catch?

      about 8 years ago
    • tara0769's Avatar

      Congratulations; I wish for a cure for all of us. With love and blessings.

      about 8 years ago
    • CathyG's Avatar


      First of all, congratulations. I'm sure your wedding will be memorable. Look at my picture here and tell me if you can tell it is a wig. I got it FREE from the American Cancer Society. Even my hairdresser at first look could not tell it was a wig. I wore it for 6 months until my hair grew in enough and it got too hot to wear it in the summer. I loved how easy it was to plop it on and go. Get the hair swatches to help with your decision. You will be tired from the chemo and it will linger on. Try to eat well and exercise when you can. Letting others help you with the preparations for your wedding will make it more fun for you and them. ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!! May you always be as happy as you are on your wedding day. God bless!

      about 8 years ago
    • JeanB's Avatar

      Congratulations!! Here's to a happy healthy life together.

      about 8 years ago
    • Carol-Charlie's Avatar

      How wonderful. Your fiancé is a smart man. He knows what he wants and goes for it. You my dear Christine are a smart woman... You said yes! May God bless you with years and years of marriage ahead of you both.

      I've got suggestions on great wigs, that won't set you back the cost of a wedding. Paula Young.com Check them out on line and ask for a catalog. I know I bought all but one of my many wigs on line. The one I paid $275 for, and had styled for me.... I gave away to a sweet girl with auburn hair (my wig was auburn) She wasn't going to buy one, as she was not ashamed of having cancer... her words not mine. I gave the wig to the oncologist staff... They gave it to her and she wore it.

      You will be a beautiful bride. Your picture shows a beautiful young woman. I don't know how to un-stress planning a wedding. I'm not sure it can be done. But..... when the day arrives make up your mind to ignore the small stuff. My mother-in-law made the most beautiful cake.... I was worried they'd drop it. So what if they did.... We'd sure have had great stories to tell about our cake. And nothing went wrong.

      about 8 years ago
    • Rosa's Avatar

      Congratulations, you have a GREAT reason to fight and win this battle!
      Don't feel silly, feel happy! You have a beautiful smile and you will be a beautiful bride.
      All the others have offered you very good suggestions, go for them.
      Be strong, be positive

      about 8 years ago
    • christinematth's Avatar

      Thank you all so much for all your support! I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear validation across the board. There have been many sacrifices that I have had to go deal with being such a rare young ovarian cancer patient, so it is really fun to plan something that is normal. I am so lucky to have such an amazing fiancé, Shane, that doesn't care about things like hair and stuff lol. Sorry, no family members in Indiana but he has a brother in Western Virginia haha.

      about 8 years ago
    • derbygirl's Avatar

      This is wonderful news and I'm so happy for the both of you! I know you have a lot going on with your health but at the same time you have you special wedding day to focus all your attention on. I know that planning a wedding can be so stressful but it sounds like you have an incredible fiancé who will no doubt be there to help you every step of the way. Take it one step at a time and put your trust in those that you love and who love you to help you get ready for a beautiful wedding day. Congratulations and I wish you lots of love and happiness!

      about 8 years ago

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