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    Asked by dani1011 on Wednesday, April 30, 2014


    Is there anyone that is on Armour Thyroid and battling weight loss? I'm trying to figure out how to lose the weight and my doctor is not willing to help. Any suggestions?

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    • meyati's Avatar

      Hi, yes, me. I should have lost weight during radiation. My oncology radiologist wanted me to bulk up B4 rad treatment. I did. Then I gained weight during the treatments. I'm scared of having a thyroid storm from a med. I need some weight in case the cancer comes back. It all goes to my stomach.

      I work on losing weight, but my oncologists caution me that because the cancer is nose/mouth that I could loose 40 lbs in 6 weeks or less. That has happened to some people on this site.

      My primary care doctor is wanting me to loose weight, but either he's expecting twins or he's overweight himself. How do you take that seriously? I feel torn, but I don't want to be nagged. It's bad enough to have cancer disfigure my face. My oncologists called up my PCP and explained some facts to him. One fact is that my biopsy diagnosis is incurable, so why nag me? So he doesn't harass me now. They also say they hope that I'll stay on a high protein diet. I just cut out the canned fruit, etc. I don't eat donuts, I don't drink any soda pop, sweet tea. I do drink juice.

      I know that my knees and feet will feel better if I'm not so heavy. Everytime I start losing weight from exercising and doing things, I get strep, sinus-ear infection, an 80 lb hound sprained my knee 6 weeks ago. I was going out the door- had it narrow, and he rammed through-the neighbors clocked him at over 35 mph.

      almost 7 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      Go to raw & living food for two months and the weight can't help but to drop off of you until you normalize. Sometimes "normal" weight is other than you expected.

      I had to gain 65 pounds to get a diagnosis. I literally had to grow the tumor so the degreed ones could figure out that it wasn't a wart or hemorrhoid and that my exhaustion was not necessarily caused by depression from caring for and supporting my frail and elderly Mom.

      You had me laughing, meyati, when you described the paunchy prickly pear telling you what you ought to be doing. I once told a pot bellied pig (one on two feet) that I was exhausted in response to his "How are ya?" query and really wanted to choke him when he responded that I ought to go to a gym.

      almost 7 years ago
    • meyati's Avatar

      Yeah, I didn't say what I wanted to say, "When are you due? It must be soon. You must be so excited about twins!"

      I told him that both of my oncologists think that my lab work is perfect, they think that my weight is perfect, and they think that I'm to be considered healthy, and I don't want to deal with this. Then I ratted him out to my oncologists, by saying, "I get such wonderful care from you. I don't understand why primary care seems to be trying to kill me. I was poisoned by statins for preventive care, I had a thyroid storm, I had strep for 5 months. Now this doctor wants me to take blood pressure meds, which make me fall, he wants me to loose wait--He asked how I got on such a stupid diet. I told him it was the ACS. He asked me -"and just what is the ACS?"
      I told primary doc. "American Cancer Society. It's their diet for radiation." Primary care had 2 oncologists call him.

      Geekling, you know what? My BP at doctor's offices has gone way down, because I'm not scared and enraged.

      almost 7 years ago
    • Corri's Avatar

      It's odd to me that I can't get a straight answer from my medical team about losing weight. My thyroid doctor keeps telling me that she'll find the perfect dosage so it'll be easier.... But hasn't yet. I had a thyroid storm last year--had I known the symptoms, I wouldn't have let myself go until I passed out at work. I've been reading up on the endocrine system and diabetes (hubby is diabetic), and have started to eat like he is supposed to. I've been able to lose weight! Well, until I was diagnosed with c-diff.... Part of that is bloating... But I'm on round 2 of treatments for that, so hopefully it will go away and I can continue to lose. The weight gain and inability to get it back out has been super frustrating.

      almost 7 years ago
    • cam32505's Avatar

      I had thyroid cancer in 2012. Twice I've had to do the low-iodine diet for testing. That made me lose weight because I could only eat raw fruit, veggies, and 5 oz lean meat daily. I lost 15 lbs during my last low-iodine diet. I don't think it is a healthy diet for long-term, but short-term it seemed to help me lose weight faster than I ever have before. I figure maybe the lack of sodium.

      almost 7 years ago
    • meyati's Avatar

      After treatment my thyroid became hyper-my PCP assured me that he was in charge of it, and just put up with it to give it a chance to settle. I trusted my PCP, so I told my oncologist that the PCP has me scheduled for a TSH in 2 weeks. I had the TSH, and it was still out of range. Then the stupid people that decide what TSH ranges are changed the range so people could be more hyperactive. but look good on paper. Before they changed the range, nurses and people were commenting that my skin was so dry. I went in and he prescribed a skin lotion. I'm a time bomb, had strep-and he wouldn't run a strep test-said it was from the radiation. I went home and sent him a message that DRY SKIN is a thyroid symptom. So, he increased my Armour-well he had been doing well for my thyroid for over 2 years. I had other problems going on. I got a burst of energy-my weight went down-then my BP went up to 190. Between the strep and thyroid, I started living at urgent Cares and ERs. And my weight went back up, even with the extra thyroid.

      This goofus system has a waiting list of almost a year to get a new doctor. A cardiologist stepped in and got me a new doctor without me being on the waiting list. He lists himself as an internist-he isn't. He got my thyroid straightened out really quick, for which I'm thankful. At the first visit I complained about my strep throat that I had for months. Like everybody else, he lectured me about radiation and the throat-dry mouth. I screamed -LOOK- and he turned around and looked. I spit a goober into my hand and asked him if that looked like dry mouth. He gave a good guess about Armour dosage and scheduled me for a TSH in 6 weeks. I was in the middle of the TSH range. It's been holding steady.

      I'm just frustrated about the blood pressure thing, which was a carry over from my thyroid, and arguing with my old PCP-and going from doctor to doctor in the ERs and Urgent Care with strep. It seems like he doesn't listen at all. I already told you about him asking just what is the ACS.

      almost 7 years ago
    • dani1011's Avatar

      Thanks for all of the answers! Unfortunately I've tried all of these methods and none have worked. I was told as well that the low-iodine diet would help, but I don't eat a lot of iodine as is and I didn't lose much weight because my diet wasn't altered at all. I have PCOS as well as not having a thyroid so it's deffinitely a challenge. I am not looking into doTERRA oils, have any of you tried this?

      almost 7 years ago
    • DaveWaz's Avatar


      Thank you for sharing your question. It reminded me of two articles we have on the site, both on how to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight after cancer treatment. Perhaps you will find them helpful.



      Best wishes,

      almost 7 years ago
    • meyati's Avatar

      My concern is that my oncologists don't want me to lose weight---they say that I'm so small and 72 yrs, that losing weight would cause me to suffer physically, and I'd lose viability. Right now, I'm basically healthy and more physically active than the other patients. I just painted the dining room and my bedroom. I had to hire a friend for the TV room-it's a beast. I just hate the big belly. Then nurses make faces when they weigh me-sometimes make comments- I tell them my oncologists are happy with my weight.

      almost 7 years ago

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