• Weight loss nausea foods to eat and drink

    Asked by Sebrina on Sunday, February 25, 2018

    Weight loss nausea foods to eat and drink

    I would like to know how much weight loss should I expect I am starting chemo and radiation on 02/28/2018. My cervical cancer is 2cm. It was caught early I would like to know what should I expect with these combined treatments

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    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      Everyone reacts different to treatments. I tolerated radiation easily. Chemo was hard for me the first week, but i felt at least almost human weeks 2 and 3. I personally not only didn't lose weight, i gained weight during treatments. (I have lung cancer, so different drugs, but i know quite a few people who did NOT lose weight during chemo.)

      Drink plenty of fluids, try to exercise, at least a little, and try to eat what sounds good. During my chemo days, i drank a ton of vegetable juice and loved to eat avocadoes and tomatoes. That's what sounded good. On the other hand, even the thought of potato soup, which i loved before, made me physically ill. It has only been in the last few months that i can hear about potato soup without my stomach turning ... and i haven't had traditional chemo since[phone number redacted].

      I wanted all drinks ice cold, but had to have pelleted ice or ice from our local Sonic hamburger joint. I felt like i could taste yucky stuff in ice made at home, but just any ice from other places didn't suffice, either. My point is to satisfy your cravings, do what isn't typical, if need be.

      Good luck!! We are always here and will try to answer your questions, based on our own experiences and beliefs.

      10 months ago
    • JustForToday's Avatar

      It is possible you may not lose weight. My team supplied me with sufficient prescriptions that I did not vomit. You likely will get that same support. Foods definitely tasted different to me. But there was enough I could eat to get sufficient nourishment. I was on chemo for 5 months. Surprisingly enough, I most appreciated being able to drink coffee and eat spicy foods again after I was off chemo a few weeks.

      10 months ago
    • Lynne-I-Am's Avatar

      I can only address the chemo and it depends on the individual and the type of chemo you get.. LiveWith Cancer is spot on when she says eat what you want and what appeals to you , there are no rules except taking in large amounts of water and other fluids. For awhile everything had a cardboard taste to it . Then some foods I normally love, I could not stand, avocados were one of these. I developed an obsession with potatoe salad. Here it was winter time and I could not get enough of potatoe salad. I had lost over twenty pounds by the time I started chemo. They gave me steroids prior to chemo treatments to stem the nausea. This worked for me but gave me a terrific appetite, so I did end up gaining weight , which in my case I needed, More than four years post chemo I have eaten potatoe salad a handful of times. Your body just wants certain things during chemo. Go with the flow. Glad your cancer was caught early. Sending you wheelbarrows of support.

      10 months ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      There is a berry or a pill made of berries which you can buy that takes away the metallic taste about which some people complain. It is called "miracle berry" and is being used for patients at the University of Miami to help them to eat. Everything tastes like candy for about an hour after sucking the berry or its pill form. You can lick a lemon which suddenly tastes like it is an ice cream cone and you can eat as you like.

      If you juice, try combining 3 ribs of celery with a cucumber and a small bunch of parsley. The drink wont make you nauseous and replaces some minerals which the drugs seem to strip.

      Best wishes for a complete and speedy return to good health.

      10 months ago
    • Skyemberr's Avatar

      Ginger chews help some people break nausea. I used lemon heads candy.
      For nutrition I tend to keep good yogurts in the house like lemon noosa and raspberry and key lime noosa. I also like Chobani and Fage flips which have a smaller portion size. I eat those on the way to the doctor if I think I haven't eaten enough. It is so much better than ensure or Boost!!!

      They are good because the tartness breaks the nausea and then I can eat something else. With the Noosas I almost always get a citrus flavor, I can drizzle some honey ( a super food) sliced almonds that my doc wants me eating every day, and graham cracker crumb on top. It becomes a little pie basically if I just layer it on the yogurt. It has some decent protein and calories and flavor options. I also add a few chocolate chips. Its yummy.
      The biggest plus is that it does not have to be prepared. I can get one out of the fridge at any time with minimal energy. I just ate one in fact because I am not eating well today.

      9 months ago

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