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    What are the things you love most about your cancer center?

    Asked by KarenG_WN on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    What are the things you love most about your cancer center?

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    • FreeBird's Avatar

      They get the people relations part right. There is no little sliding glass door or grumpy people to greet us when we go in. It's an open waiting room with a counter, and friendly people who greet us by name when we go in. On the first visit, they took a Polaroid photo, and they seem to know everyone who walks through that front door. When someone is sick, that makes a big difference. They're also, more often than not, right on time or early.

      And the chemo nurses are great.

      over 8 years ago
    • FreeBird's Avatar

      (But I don't love them so much that I wouldn't mind never seeing them again, except in the grocery store, provided there's a cure for everyone)

      over 8 years ago
    • Mindy91's Avatar

      I can't narrow it down to one thing. Everyone at my cancer center are thoughtful,friendly, and caring people. The front office staff, lab techs, nurses, and doctors help you feel like you are apart of a family and you never feel like you're on this journey by yourself. For example when they found out my son played soccer at the local HS they would cut out pictures and articles about the team from the local paper. Another nurse went over the top when she brought me strawberry shortcake from a favorite restaurant. I'm grateful for all they do and can't imagine getting through this past year with any other cancer center. Thank you Dr. Thomas Whittaker and all the staff at the Indiana University/Central Indiana Cancer Center in Greenfield IN.

      over 8 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      As Mindy Said, i couldn't say one thing. But the staff were all great. I took them things when I was finishing, one of the girls cried thinking it was nice what I took her, the others were all great. Just the feeling they give you letting you know it's going to be allright. Your not alone. We get that in other places, but it was great to get it there too.

      over 8 years ago
    • Wilco's Avatar

      I receive treatment at Cancer Treatment Center of America in Phildelphia and what I like best is that alll my needs are met at one center. They provide chemo treatments of course, but also physical therapy to help with nerapathy. Also, they are well organized and available 24/7

      over 8 years ago
    • nancyjac's Avatar

      I never went to a cancer center. My MO had a chemo treatment suite colocated with her office and . my RO had a radiation suite colocated with her office. I had surgery at non cancer specific outpatient surgical center and a non cancer specific general hospital.

      I loved the chemo treatment suite. It was small and intimate and you got to know the nurses and the other patients. The oncology nurses were great. The treatment chairs very comfortable. They offered pillows, warm blankets, a library, snacks and beverages, TVs. My chemo days became my "me time" and was actually a very relaxing and soothing experience. Getting sick a couple of days after each treatment was not fun, but the chemo treatment itself was great.

      over 8 years ago
    • Steven's Avatar

      The most caring, compassionate,people I have ever known,
      To this day I still stop and give all the people in the infusion room hugs and share with the patients my story.
      It give them hope to see that you can be a survivor

      over 8 years ago
    • Kila's Avatar

      I get my treatment at CTCA in Philly. I love it. They take care of me and my family: mind , body and spirit. The physicians in Baltimore were trying to make me "comfortable"- but I wanted to FIGHT!! It's been 17 months since my diagnosis and I'm working FULL TIME and taking care of my family. My treatment has changed several times- they haven't given up on me. I'm now taking Faslodex monthly and the tumors are responding well to that. I strongly encourage people to check out CTCA- it's awesome.

      over 8 years ago
    • mgm48's Avatar

      Though the University of Chicago is a huge facility, I have never felt like just a number. In fact a couple times when I've arrived early they got me in to see the doctors early! Now that's special and unusual. I also like having 3 doctors,a nurse coordinator, a PA, a whole group of oncology nurses, and the supporting staff who all take their time and show real care. And then there's the reputation for being a top center doing research and having trials available, I find it comforting to know I'm in good and competent hands.

      over 8 years ago
    • LadyM's Avatar

      The Batte Cancer Center in Concord, NC began to feel like a my second home. Every single person who I came in contact with made me want to keep fighting. Very Supportive.

      over 8 years ago
    • wayne7420's Avatar

      the Moffit cancer center is the most careing bunch of doctors and nurses that i have ever seen, their love for the parient and the amount of care was refreshing. of course in my case there were a few nurses that came to me for help and one nurse said this was not right im here to help you and here your helping me she met Jesus( she did not expect that from a person dieing from cancer) but that is why i got cancer was tohelp others to come to know Jesus.

      over 8 years ago
    • Lynn1947's Avatar

      I've had a difficult time.My dx is the lowest Stage 0 but I've had scares more than anyone I know.The breast center is so compassionate and go out of their way to make me comfortable and relaxed for all the times I've had to go in for extra tests.Almost every check up I've had to have a ulttrasound after my mammo. Last year a benign tumor was found.Not counting 2 benign tumors that were found during my 2 surgeries(the lumpectomy and the margin surgery) .The Breast Center doctor always comes in after my tests and tells me in detail what is found or if nothing is found.I'm Thankful they're benign but wonder why so many times for one person.I have a friend dx over 18 years ago.She had her cancerous tumor and a couple scares but no more tumors.She had a lumpectomy at Stage 3.Doing fine.As my doctor has told me We're all different. Oh and a few weeks ago I had another scare.My oncologist office called to make my appt with the Breast Center.They asked her HOW SOON should we get her in. The scheduler said "The next appt".I was in the next day.That's service.


      over 8 years ago
    • immimi's Avatar

      LadyM, I am so glad to see your post, I have been going to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL and absolutely love the Drs and the care I get there. We are in the process of moving to the Charlotte area in the Spring and one of my concerns is finding a new Dr.

      over 8 years ago
    • Clyde's Avatar

      Nothing. What I dislike least, is the picture puzzle in the waiting room to pass the time as I wait for yet another delayed appointment. The admin people are terrible (across the entire hospital group), the nurses are so unhappy and lazy (again, hospital wide) and I dread going in. The Dr.s have been good and if my ON wasn't considered one of the best in the Mid-West, I would be gone in an instant. And it took three visits for me to start to understand why he has the reputation he does. (Dr.s get beaten down by all that negativity as much as patients. And several Dr.s have left for greener pastures in the recent past just from the ON dept.). I can deal with the cancer better than dealing with people who so obviously hate their lives. Other centers are a full two hours further away so its a bit of a captive audience. I feel sorry for the patients who don't understand they can fight back against these people and just sit back and take the abuse.

      over 8 years ago
    • mujersabia's Avatar

      I treat at the CTCA in Chicago, Illinois. I have to fly up there 3 times a month and spend the night, but, I love they way they treat me, from the staff at First Connections (where you register) to my Drs ( one of who gave me her cell number-when she found out I go for Chemo alone), Every floor has a munchies station stocked with, juice, ginger ale, fruits, muffins, etc... Which really helps the pocketbook :) There are so many great things about the CTCA, all I can say is make the call, talk to someone and at the very least, get thier opinion. Here in Texas I was told I was non resectable and would die in 6 months... Im here, and I had my surgery and I WILL- WIN!

      over 8 years ago
    • CindyL's Avatar

      I would not have chosen cancer, but cancer chose me and from this came some very positive moments in my life.

      I received treatment at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha where I received the most compassionate and loving care possible. From the admitting desk to the staff that administered the drugs, to my wonderful Dr. A (who wrote the book on Lymphoma treatment) and to Kristen, my case worker, who was my cheerleader I met only positive, supportive people. They made me feel like I was their only patient and their primary concern. They were always available for me. Dr. A gave me his office, home and cell phone #s where I could reach him at any time of day or night to answer questions or address concerns that I had....Kristin's positive attitude and constant smile was so encouraging. It was well worth the 180 mile drive to have the care of this wonderful staff at UNML. Yes, the treatments wore me down, but the care I received from this staff was uplifting every step of the way and I thank God for placing them in my life! I have been in remission for almost 5 years!

      over 8 years ago
    • tsnj's Avatar

      The office I went to made you feel like family. When you entered they would greet you by name. If my doctor saw me in the waiting room she would come over and say hi. If I called the office with a concern the doctor would call me and talk to me and reassure me. The nurse were wonderful and caring. I miss them now that I dont go every week. It was wonderful knowing they were there since my family was so far away.

      over 8 years ago
    • paganpixy's Avatar

      Oh Gosh,I love the people,I never expected the patients to have such care for any other person except themselves,boy I was so so wrong.i have met such beautiful people and my doc so wonderful & caring I can never thank them enough

      over 8 years ago
    • Barriesmum's Avatar

      At the hospital I go to, there is a special lounge area of anyone who has any type of cancer issues, no matter what type of cancer it is and it's open to men and women. You can just sit and relax in their comfy chairs, they have volunteers who will chat with you, they have professionals come in and donate their time to give massages etc. and it's all free. I find it a great place to unwind after I've had a saline infusion for my breast reconstruction process.

      over 8 years ago
    • Beaner54's Avatar

      The only thing I loved about the chemo experience was my relationship with the nurse that drew my blood.
      The treatment team were pleasant while you were there but FORGOT who you were once you left and I hesitated many times when I felt the need to contact them. Lots of calls were not returned and I felt like I was inconveniencing the recptionists when I did call..
      My options for a medical oncologist are limited in my area. I am extremely thankful to have my gyn/oncologist though, even if he is a 2 hour drive from home.

      over 8 years ago
    • Valentinegirl's Avatar

      I have the best oncology nurse on the planet! He is funny, kind, and so easy to talk to! I hate having to have chemo, but spending some time with him makes the experience so much easier. I am so grateful that he was assigned to me.
      (And I agree with FreeBird...in the near future I would only like to see him in the grocery store!)

      over 8 years ago
    • kiki95632's Avatar

      I love my Oncology infusion center nurses, aides, and social workers. They are always kind, thoughtful and remember things and people in your life. They explain everything and always concerned about how you are feeling

      over 8 years ago
    • CatGW's Avatar

      My doctor! He listens to me! We talk about my choices and we make a decision together! He is also a kind and cool guy!

      over 8 years ago
    • nobrand's Avatar

      I love about 98% of the people there-- they're easy to talk to and very kind. I also like that there is candy everywhere! They also have Garfield and Snoopy bandaids for your port :) (it's the little things...)

      over 8 years ago
    • samcat's Avatar

      They are always friendly, and seem to have a genuine concern about my health. The nurses answer my questions in a manner in which I can understand. ompassionate and caring. Summa Parkiview Oncology, Barberton, Ohio

      over 8 years ago
    • Heather's Avatar

      I won't say "love" - "like" is a better word. They know me by name, they always have a smile on their face, ask me how I am doing and always squeeze me in when my blood count goes too low.

      Half way done and can't wait to never see them again.

      over 8 years ago
    • cdog1's Avatar


      over 8 years ago
    • beachgirl's Avatar

      The Nurses in the infusion center were awesome, especially Susanne. She was always smiling and full o energy! She kept me informed and answered all of my questions. She would bring me a blanket or whatever she could to make my time there as comfortable as possible.

      over 8 years ago
    • sylvestercat's Avatar

      My husband is a vetran, so we used his veterans insurance, they sent him to OHSU for his radiation, chemo treatment in Portland Oregon............... The were beyond wonderful in every way. Veterans hospital worked closley with OSHU.

      over 8 years ago
    • Lirasgirl33's Avatar

      I LOVED the radiation oncology side of my cancer center. My Dr was so informative and compassionate. He made me feel like I was part of his family. I loved that. I didn't feel like a number....I think that's the worst. All the staff in that department was nice and treated me great. They actually cared enough to get to know me. I felt so comfortable, at ease when I was there. They allowed me to vent at times, to talk to them about things going on in my life. I could go on and on about how wonderful they were to me. They certainly made this journey easier for me.

      On the other hand, the chemo department at that same center was a bit different. The staff was not as friendly. I had to dig for answers from everyone, including the doctor. I had to be persistent or certain things wouldn't get done. The nurses in the infusion room were ok but feels like they were just doing their job. Not much one on one interaction. Overall they were ok but could have been much better. One of the nurses actually broke down in tears while I was there (I was the last patient there since my chemo was an all day thing). She went as far as yelling out to her fellow nurse " I hate this XXX job!". Wow, talk about leaving a mark on a patient. I was kind of glad that was my last infusion and last time being there.

      over 8 years ago
    • lolami's Avatar

      I love the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I live in Minneapolis, 85 miles from Mayo. Going there was the best decision I made when I got cancer.Their goal is to cure you and they do a great job. Everything is designed with the comfort of the patient in mind, The clinic just feels like a good place to be. It is immaculate, beautiful, convenient. There are a couple of thousand volunteers who will help anyone who needs it from giving hand massages while waiting for radiation to serving cookies and coffee, tea, juice, to giving directions to pushing your wheelchair from appointment to appointment if you need that. No one at Mayo ever gave me the impression that I was bothering them or that they weren't completely in love with their jobs. The care is coordinated and all your appointments are set up for you so that you can see several different drs or specialties in one day. They handle scheduling everything for you. All you have to do is follow your daily printed itinerary. There are hotels everywhere plus a FREE hotel run by the American Cancer Society. Mayo runs free shuttles all over the city, every few minutes. They pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. You can even use them to get to the mall if you are well enough for that.The American Cancer Society has a huge cancer resource center inside Mayo. There you can get free information, attend free classes and take advantage of many resources.I highly recommend Mayo Clinic. Can't say enough good things about them.

      over 8 years ago
    • Queen_Tatiana's Avatar

      Everything. As the spouse it is very important to me my husband always be comfortable and his dignity respected, and staff here go over and above every single expectation I have. For example, My husband is 6'6, and terribly sick from the chemo tretment--he is not comfortable in the chemo chair, and they always has a private room with a bed waiting for him. The volunteer staff stop by every so often to check on me and see if I need anything and offer to bring me breakfast then lunch (I do appreciate the ofer, but I don't eat much anymore). Chemo Fridays are 14-16 hour days for my husband and it is so nice that they not only take great care of him, they make time to take care of me too. Every friday I bring them baked cookies that I wish I could say I make myself, but I sadly don't, I pick them up at the Farmer's Market every Thursday.

      over 8 years ago
    • wvgal68's Avatar

      Always the nurses! I've had chemo at two different centers, and enjoyed getting to know the nurses at both of them.

      over 8 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      I was treated at Vanderbilt Medical Center, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville. This was my third time for treatment, first two I was treated in Memphis 24 years ago. The Dr.s at Vandy are great. They gave me the feeling of, this is no big deal, we got this! And they did. A group of very intelligent Drs. and a great research hospital. The nurses while I was there admitted to the hospital, made you feel as good as you could. They didn't act like they wished they were somewhere else, or that it was an inconvenience for them to come help you. Other places I have been could learn a lesson or two from them.

      over 8 years ago
    • DebbiD's Avatar

      My oncologist, my surgeon and pulmonolgist are also in the same hospital setting. All their nurses. The staff in the infusion center. The infusion chairs (seriously), heated, massaged and had tv screens attached. Most of all the caring and taking time to answer my questions from all my doctors and nurses.

      over 8 years ago
    • CommaWitch's Avatar

      Although I've had people look at me in complete shock when I tell them I'm being treated by Tennessee Oncology, when Vanderbilt is so close, I have never once regretted the decision. I was scared. Really scared, when I heard the word chemo. Then, you walk into a room full of machines and chairs and people in differing stages of treatment. I wanted to run. I almost did. Of course, I'm so glad I didn't. I have never met anyone with more compassion and affection for others than an oncology nurse. More smiles, hugs and encouragement have never been given to me and although I know surgery and chemo saved my life, those people rescued my soul.

      over 8 years ago
    • princess123's Avatar

      I like the center I go to. It's Memorial Breast Cancer Center in Hollywood Florida. The people from the front desk, doctors and nurses are all so nice. They make a bad situation easier to endure.

      over 8 years ago
    • sunshine106's Avatar

      The staff and my doctor. Every time I go for infusion, I end up with a smile on my face! I travel almost an hour away just for the friendly faces and intense knowledge of my Oncologist. Don't mind the trip because I seldom have a wait time. Also, all my other doctors are in the same hospital setting.

      over 8 years ago
    • derbygirl's Avatar

      I go to Cancer Care for Women in Lancaster PA and it is so great. First Dr. Evans is so nice and talks to you not only like a doctor but like a best friend. She put in all the comforts of home from huge soft leather chairs to curl up on to cloth sheets to cover up with for exams and not those stupid paper sheets. She said she wanted her patients to be comfortable while being in her office. Second her staff is so friendly and are always there to help make your visit as pleasant as possible. Also Dr. Evans doesn't use an answering service when the office is closed. If you call the office number after hours it goes right to her personal cell phone. She really shows her patients just how important they are.

      over 8 years ago
    • Camarillolaw's Avatar

      My daughter was treated at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital in Houston, TX. The one thing that they do so well is that they are a family centered care facility. This means that the entire family is part of the treatment group and decision makers. The entire center is designed with the family in mind, with priority to the patient of course. But small details, like including a desk in the hospital rooms for work, make it a little easier when your going thru the nightmare. The fact it is one of the best, if not the best, cancer centers in the world makes it just that much better.

      over 8 years ago
    • WeCanBeatThis' Avatar

      My nurses and Dr! They help in so many ways...I have a tendency to not want to bother others with my problems and The meds were effecting me as an allergic reaction. I started coughing and my face was turning red and then the itching started. It wouldn't have been that had but my regular chemo nurse had the day off. She ( the other nurse)asked me questions which probably felt like pulling teeth that weren't ready to come out to get the answers from me. Anyway she took notice and gave me some allergy meds.

      over 8 years ago
    • Dinahmite's Avatar

      I get my chemo at the Doctor's Cancer Center in Manati, PR. The nurses are their number one asset !!!! They care so much about everyone, take their time and have lots of love and patience to share. It feels like you are in your family room at home. They know every patient by name, that is amazing! They are always in a good mood and keep everyone positive at all times.

      over 8 years ago
    • Lynne's Avatar

      Like many others have commented, it is the people at my center that make this ordeal bearable. Across the board, I admire the compassion, skill, dedication and concern that I've experienced and witnessed being provided to other patients. Since cancer decided to battle with me, I am thankful that I've found a strong team to back me up in this fight! Thank you to all at the Center for Advanced Care/Advocate Lutheran General!

      over 8 years ago
    • jennqt's Avatar

      I loved the level of personal care, the nurses who gave me their direct phone number so I could reach them quickly when issues arose. My cancer center has an awesome group of volunteers who circulate through the waiting areas with fresh baked cookies and drinks for patients and their families. Sometimes a warm chocolate chip cookie is the best medicine!

      over 8 years ago
    • Harry's Avatar

      What I liked best was that, when I went into anaphylactic shock, the nurses were right there saving my life. Everything else is great, but what really counts is when you really need help.

      over 8 years ago
    • JJSeattle's Avatar

      I love the caring people at Polyclinic, my cancer center, and also the beautiful facility on Madison and 7th with big windows overlooking Seattle.

      over 8 years ago
    • packerbacker's Avatar

      I love the people who work with me at the Cancer Center in Menomonee Falls, WI. It doesn't feel like they are doing a "job," they are so friendly, warm, supportive, and accommodating to my needs. I love the warm blankets, the chemo suites where I can have privacy and be with my family during treatments, the availability of almost anything I need: snacks, beverages, pillows, and sometimes, a shoulder to lean on. The doctor, nurses, and support staff are more than I could have hoped for. They put up with me!

      over 8 years ago
    • KLStone's Avatar

      I've been treated for MDS/AML for 8.7 years at the CancerCare center of Good Sam Hosp of Cincinnati. My nurse, Cynthia Rahe, is wonderful, she is a "family" member to us. Dr Ranga Brahmamdam has helped me survive for almost 9 years. It's wonderful to find a really great cancer center that treats you as a friend rather than a number.

      over 8 years ago
    • Modern's Avatar

      my nurse Ann she makes the time i have to spend there better

      over 8 years ago
    • SueRae1's Avatar

      I love my center and teams. They are always available to answer questions, keep us in the loop when there are issues (like why are the fire alarms going off all morning, the computer is wonky, the pharmacy is backed up, etc). My infusion schedule has been a mess the last 6 weeks due low blood counts. I have shown up for treatment, and my paper work has not been there - but all three times, they resolved it within a few min - using next weeks blood test requests, so I could get started and calling the doctor's office to confirm my treatment. Many of them know who I am, and come over and talk to me even if they are not directly part of my team that week.

      over 8 years ago
    • Johneen's Avatar

      I am being treated at Cooper Cancer Centers in voorhees, nj. Most of the staff are wonderful, the infusion nurses are great and sweet. They don't do anymore than they are required to do I have to say. The front desk at my Dr. Office is awful, they are rude and miserable and it makes me sad to deal with them most times. Going to my appointments is hard enough with out having to deal with nasty unhappy women.

      over 8 years ago
    • Carenotmoney's Avatar

      Nothing! They made a mistake because they didn't verify the doctors chemo script and almost killed my son! They continued to make mistakes! Horrible care! Shame on them!

      over 7 years ago
    • Carenotmoney's Avatar

      Moffitt Cancer Center! Gave me hope and the amazing Dr.Marcie Tomblyn!:) When two local hospitals made medical mistakes(Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida and Broward General Hospital in Fort Lauderdale,Florida. Memorial's staff did not verify the doctors script for chemo and just administered the wrong chemo on the first cycle to my 21 year old son! Broward General Hospital and a Dr. Barry Berman, did not do a bone marrow biopsy and diagnosed my son as stage two Hogkins lymphoma and in fact it was stage four. I took my son there because of Memorial's medical errors with my other son. My son changed doctors to a Dr. Maini and she never advised him of the stage four diagnoses and this nasty old hospital advised another doctor that because of my speaking up and out for my son they would no longer care for him. My response was and is I would never take my son back there! Unreal!What the XXX is going on with health care in this country! Answer is... Money before Care.... Moffitt and Dr. Tomblyn gave me hope,great care and treat patients as they should be treated! Moffitt, I shall always share my positive experience with everyone! I will never understand the utter ignorance,greed,egos of the worst doctors ever! If you can call them that and when a mother/advocate has to become a whistle blower and they threaten to not treat a patient, that says something!SHAME ON THEM! SHAME!!!!

      over 7 years ago

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