• What kind of patient are you?

    Asked by melanomamama on Wednesday, August 28, 2013

    What kind of patient are you?

    What kind of patient are you? Sometimes healthcare workers thank me for my patience when something glitchy delays things. I laugh and say, "That's why they call me the 'patient'."
    I am helping a close friend who is in a hospice facility receiving treatment for acute pain. She is not patient. Her need for control has her fussing with every treatment, interrupting and asking unnecessary questions of her caregivers. Yesterday, I said to her, "Hospice is here to make you more comfortable. Do you think you'd be more comfortable if you could relax and accept the professional help they give you? I think you're spending a lot of precious energy arguing with them. Does it take energy for you to constantly supervise your caregivers?" She admitted it tires her out. I understand her compulsion to control an uncontrollable situation, but she does herself no favors by not being the patient patient. What kind of patient are you? Can you relax enough to graciously accept needed care?

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    • MichaelV's Avatar

      I have always (prior to receiving the gift that keeps on giving, cancer) been a person to find a doctor or doctors who act and somewhat think the way I do. I let them know early on just how I feel about their skills and personalities. I act the same way with them as I would with a good friend. This has caused me to change doctors several time and in one case keep the same one for 40+ years. When I think a doctor is making an incorrect diagnoses I speak up. In one case I had an on-going, not nice argument with an ER doctor who was absolutely positive I had a pinched nerve in my neck. I told her I had bursitis in my shoulder and have (at that point ) had it for over 40 years, She told me she was the doctor and knew more than I did. I told her I was her patent and had lived in my body for some 62 years and she could go to XXXX with her diagnoses. I was in terrible pain (8-9) and had waited too long to take care of things and did not take the medicine I had to relieve the pain thinking it would go away. By the time I got to the hospital I was twisted up as my body was trying to relieve the pain by stiffening up, etc. The XXXXXX woman doctor to a dislike to me because I would not blindly accept her diagnoses and waited 1 1/2hrs. before she allowed the staff to give me any pain relief medication. By that time I was referring to her as that XXXXXXX XXXXX. She said I was not allowed to speak to her that way and I said, "You are not allowed to withhold medication just because I disagree with you diagnoses........ After I received something for the pain I had X-rays and an MRI so she could confirm her diagnoses and then I got a big shot of steroids and was admitted to the hospital and told I would be seeing a neurologist in the morning. Morning came and about 9AM this very cool man with a grey beard and smart looking suit came into the room, and said, "I hear you have a somewhat verbal disagreement with doctor LLLLL". I said, "Well I guess I did as by the time our time together was over I had used about 80% of my swear words on her and told her she should go back to medical school as there was still much for her to learn". He laughed and said that the whole hospital knew about my confrontation with said doctor and it was the "buzz" of the night shift and you are just about famous here. Then he said, "I have taken a look at the MRI and the x-rays and read your admission statement and several other comments that the staff put in you folder and it is time to put this baby to rest". Then he proceeded to tell me to do all kinds of thing with my arms and neck. He held my arm this way and that and asked if I had any pain and did the same thing with my neck. He took a step back and said, "Would you like to know who the winner is?" and I said, "You bet I would". He held up my bad should arm and said, "Michael is the undisputed winner with bursitis in his left shoulder! We both had a good laugh. The point of all this is that you know your own body better than anyone else and when you know that the white coat has got it wrong, you have to stick up for yourself. You also have to pay respect to those who are keeping you alive. That is why I bring cookies one time and flowers the next and then maybe a good comic CD the next. Humor is an amazing medicine and it is free!!!!!!!!!!!! You must show respect for your white coats and you must demand the same from them otherwise it is time to change doctors.
      Keep on laughing your way to wellness!

      over 6 years ago
    • Cricket's Avatar

      I think I am a pretty good patient. I take in what I am told, ask a few questions and then process everything. I really trust my doctor and the team. I get anxious mostly at home at night whenever I've had a rough day. I'm turning to meditation and yoga to get myself More centered.

      over 6 years ago
    • mbeshey's Avatar

      I was complimented the other day because I am always positive and try to have a good sense of humor for the most part. I know it helps me deal with things on those rough days when I really don't want to . To hear that helps me maintain some sanity and press on. I know it helps them too deliver the best care to me and sometimes I may be that one patient that doesn't fire back at them in their busy day...they are just doing their job and they do it well.

      almost 6 years ago

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