• Will the stomach ever get back to normal?

    Asked by Lisalocomotive on Thursday, March 14, 2013

    Will the stomach ever get back to normal?

    I have been out of treatment since December 2011. I am still having stomach issues. I cannot eat red meat or anything greasy including syrup. I have cutout so much food out of my diet that I really only eat steamed vegetables with salt and pepper for dinner. I have been seeing an acupunture for a year now and she is baffled about my stomach. Is there anyone out there that has this problem or something like it. I just want to have a daily normal bm.

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    • AlizaMLS's Avatar

      Dear Lisalodomotive,

      Hi, I'm Aliza and I'm a BC patient. I'm also a Medical Librarian (retired), but I keep active in my field by researching for answers and referring people on this site and elsewhere. I didn't have problems with my stomach resulting from BC, so I cannot directly answer your question in terms of yes/no, but I can give you some information from personal experience that you may find helpful.

      I suffer from severe IBS. I've had it since I was a teenager (I'm 54. It has some familial or genetic connectionn because my late father had it pretty severely and my brother shows some signs of it.

      What's possibly not useless is that a month after my mom's death in August 2011, I had the worst bout of IBS I've ever had in my life. I was tested for Krohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Celiac disease - all negative. I started dropping weight like drazy. I saw my G.I. Doc had a colonoscopy and ended up on some pretty strong medication (if you want med names, please email me). It took months and a lot of weight came off before things calmed down.

      I don't know how chemo affects your gut - only your oncologist or a gastroenterologist can tell you that but I can tell you that severe stress plays a part in the severity of IBS and it was both amazing and awful at the severity of it a month after my mom passed. I was fine during her crisis period (the month she was in a coma in hospice), her funeral, shiva and for 3 weeks afterward. What happened in week 4 is a mystery! The G.I. doc says the stress just caught up with me - the grief. I ran its' course (most unpleasant) and I had a great figure when it finished (while it was ongoing I read a lot watched TV and DVDs, asked my brother to shop for me [we live together]) and occasionally made short forays out when I was feeling brave.

      I can suggest things like taking Culturelle, and eating yogurt (I eat soy yogurt) with live cultures-I think the soy tastes better. In terms of food, baked potatos, brown rice, toast, bananas (I'm allergic), stay away from dairy - milk, ice cream, sour cream, cheese (try the soy yogurt), try rice dream instead of milk-get the enriched version. Broiled or roasted chicken (if you take the skin off [whether you get a whole or pieces]), try when you're better seeking out bison instead of beef (grass fed and much lower in fat [don't eat this now-it's too heavy]). But the most important thing I can tell you is to get to a good gastroenterologist (one preferably recommended by your oncologist) who may be familiar with the problems of the aftermath of chemo. I'm sure they've seen this before.

      I hope some of my thoughts help you. However it comes about, it's definitely not a fun condition to have and a lot of things are trial and error.

      You're free to email me for anything you'd like to know,.

      I wish you success in getting a handle on this soon!

      Warm Wishes,

      over 7 years ago
    • karen1956's Avatar

      My stomach gave me grief for quite some time after finishing chemo...I don't remember how long exactly, but I took Nexium on a regular basis for many years after Dx....I've only recently, maybe in the past year gone to PRN. I gave up spicey foods...don't drink anything really cold....
      I saw a GI doc for mystomach and all was normal for it was just form the chemo....At one point right after chemo I was on a double dose of NExium but gradually things got better.....I take colace daily to keep me regular....never had this problem before....I'm 7 years from Dx

      over 7 years ago
    • SandiD's Avatar

      Just to be safe, I think you should go visit a gastroenterologist (which can take awhile to get in) or speak to your oncologist. Why take a chance just in case it something serious or easily treated? I think we have been through so much, we should be vigilant about our health now. Hopefully this is something simple, but I do hope you get checked out. Good luck.,

      over 7 years ago
    • Nomadicme's Avatar

      Is it acid reflux? I'm 1 yr 6.5 months post chemo and I still have it. Any meal that contains something a little heavy (meat, fat) is guaranteed to give me acid reflux. I must say it's much better than during chemo, and if I watch my diet I don't need pills (it when I do need pills, like tonight, I take over the counter Prilosec. I used to take two a day during chemo,,now when I need I can get away with just one).

      Oh wait I just saw the word bm. Well for that psyllium husks are great (fiber). I use them for constipation, but sounds like you have the opposite problem? (Psyllium good for that too, nee to read how to take it for that).

      Have you seen your oncologist? Sometimes cancer patients get a bacterium C. dificile, and the right antibiotics can set you straight.

      Also your stomach/gut flora took a beating during treatment, so trying to set that straight (yogurt, probiotics) could help.

      over 7 years ago

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