Hemingway's Journey with Prostate Cancer

Survivor: Prostate Cancer

Patient Info: Newly diagnosed (has not begun treatment), Diagnosed: over 11 years ago, Male, Age: 66, Stage I, Progressing despite hormone therapy: Don't Know

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    about 8 years ago
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    The Top Ten Things I Have Learned From Having Cancer: #10. When I have sudden stomach pains, instead of thinking the cancer is spreading, I need to remember the three bowls of ice cream I had a few hours prior...#9. When I say "I love you," mean it. If by chance I run into an enemy, have enough class to say it twice...#8. When I think I am going to die alone, go to Walmart...#7. When I start complaining about being broke, fix a sandwich and eat it in the park. Cost: zero....#6. When my dog and I are together, show her appreciation for not giving up on me...#5. When an editor sends me a rejection slip, send him a note thanking him for his consideration and close wishing him a happy successful but short life...#4. When I get up in the morning, pee before I go out the front door to pick up the paper so I won't scare the neighbor's cat...#3. When I feel sad about not having any children, go to Six Flags and return feeling extremely blessed...#2. When a woman agrees to have sex with me, not to waste a lot of time dropping to my knees and giving thanks, and #1. When I ask for second opinions, make sure one of them is God's......Enjoy your day. Stay strong.