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    My mother died from the damage that radiation did to her heart as the result of aggressive breast cancer treatment. She had and my daughter and I have fibrocystic breasts. I've been told by two surgeons that breast cancer in my daughter and I is unlikely to be detected in an early stage with a mammogram. I've been told that we MUST have ultrasounds to look for cancer since our breast tissue is so dense. My breasts have 20+ cysts in each, any of which could become cancerous at any point. My insurance requires that a imaging specialist physician recommend an ultrasound AFTER a mammogram (probable waste of time and adding additional risk to me because of the radiation). For 10+ years, that is what I received. For the past 4 years, the imaging specialist physicians have not recommended the ultrasounds. (The ultrasound techs used to be VERY alarmed (almost to the point of panic) at what they saw in my breasts.) Should I pursue either paying for the ultrasounds my self, or insisting that the imaging specialist physicians recommend ultrasounds for me? Or, are mammograms now able to detect cancer in fibrocystic breasts?

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