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Patient Info: Currently in active treatment (initial surgery, receiving chemo rounds/radiation), Diagnosed: almost 13 years ago, Female, Age: 90

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    about 9 years ago
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    Last Monday 6/11/2012 the housekeeper my mom hired to clean her house called my wife saying that my mother was yelling for me and my wife . My mom thought we were there and we were not. She lost most motor skills and had dementia like memory. As the week progressed her short term memory went. Her speech has slurred terribly. She gone through 4 rounds of chemo and 2 round of radiation therapy in the last 4 years. The last round of radiation therapy was 15 days on her lower spine and her neck. The past five days she has been sleeping around 20 hours a day. She had a blood transfusion today. Her red blood cell count was horrible. I have no idea what to expect next. She will not eat and i have tried all the foods she likes. Any help would be great. My wife and I live down the street from her. I took vacation to care her and it is so hard to function. My wife does the same thing.