• debbybelle
    • Question about Skin Cancer - Melanoma
    about 1 hour ago
    debbybelle's Avatar


    I have treatment-induced pneumonitis after 7 rounds of Keytruda. I was taken off my drug and pu... Read More

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  1. about 1 hour ago
    chillyjay's Avatar

    Penile implant

    Has anyone had any experience with a penile implant? I had a prostatectomy in June, 2014, and I... Read More

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  2. about 2 hours ago
    • BoiseB
    • Question about Uterine Sarcoma
    about 6 hours ago
    BoiseB's Avatar

    What was the best hour of your long weekend? NO CANCER QUESTION

    Welcome back from the long weekend. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday. What was your most enj... Read More

    3 Answers - Answer -
    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Invasive, Squamous Ce...
    about 8 hours ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    Do you feel you need to warn people before they start talking to you sometimes?

    If you had to wear a warning sign around your neck, what would yours say?

    6 Answers - Answer -
    • wantac1
    • Question about Follicular Lymphoma
    about 16 hours ago
    wantac1's Avatar

    How can I Help??

    My friend just started her 1st round of treatment with a 6 day stay at the hospital. I was unabl... Read More

    5 Answers - Answer -
  3. about 17 hours ago
    MaryAnn51's Avatar

    Any pancreatic patients already outlived their initial prognosis?

    Would anyone care to share how long they were given to live at the time of their diagnosis and i... Read More

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    • Daylyn
    • Question about Triple-Negative Breast ...
    about 20 hours ago
    Daylyn's Avatar

    diagnosed last year with stageI tnbc. I completed ACT chemo, lumpectomy and six weeks of external beam radiation.

    My tumor was the same size after chemo as when diagnosed. The tissue margins on my lumpectomy w... Read More

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    • amymor74
    • Question about Adenocarcinoma, Esoph...
    1 day ago
    amymor74's Avatar

    Helping my dad through chemo

    My dad has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer which has spread to a portion... Read More

    10 Answers - Answer -
    • jhale17
    • Question about Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (...
    1 day ago
    jhale17's Avatar

    For your consideration - Help in easing chemobrain

    Refreshing Your Memory: Easing the Effects of Chemobrain Through Training Speech pathologists... Read More

    4 Answers - Answer -
    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Hodgkin Disease
    1 day ago
    • Janni
    • Question about Breast Cancer
    1 day ago
    Janni's Avatar

    looking for experiences with taxol and herceptin

    I'm Her2 positive and starting 12 week once per week chemo this thurs. Have one breast not compl... Read More

    14 Answers - Answer -
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