• geekling
    • Question about Squamous Cell Carcino...
    about 9 hours ago
    geekling's Avatar

    Don'cha just know I am gobsmacked?

    There was a bunch of 'junk' (as in unasked for) email for me this week. Sometimes, if the title ... Read More

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    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Invasive, Squamous Ce...
    about 15 hours ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    For everyone taking treatment, are you looking forward to the long weekend for a break?

    I remember all the Holiday weekends that gave me another day to rest and recover, it seemed like... Read More

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    • Hana
    • Question about Triple-Negative Breast Ca...
    1 day ago
    Hana's Avatar

    Postponed Chemotherapy Cycle for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

    Hello I went yesterday for my #6 chemo session and they reschedule it due to cold and cough. ... Read More

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  1. 1 day ago
    AsianSurvivor's Avatar

    Brachy therapy (internal radiation) side effects for Cervical Cancer?

    Does anyone have current side effects of extremely unpleasant bowel disorder? I had so much in... Read More

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    • lisahal
    • Question about Breast Cancer
    1 day ago
    lisahal's Avatar

    Casting for Recovery

    I just got back from a retreat at Lake Arrowhead with Casting for Recovery. We spent the week-en... Read More

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  2. 2 days ago
    BuckeyeShelby's Avatar

    Some people are just cruel and thoughtless

    High school student battling brain cancer is 6 credits shy of graduating, and even though she's ... Read More

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  3. 3 days ago
    banditwalker's Avatar

    Did I get hacked?

    I am getting email messages telling me so & so has written on my wall yet, nothing there. Any on... Read More

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    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Hodgkin Disease
    3 days ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    Have any of you been in such bad shape that you were life flighted to another facility?

    I haven't, although a few years ago when I had the mini-stroke I was sent home for the weekend t... Read More

    6 Answers - Answer -
    • Kirvin
    • Question about Ovarian and Fallopian T...
    3 days ago
    Kirvin's Avatar

    Prolia side effects

    Anyone else getting Prolia injections? I had my first one yesterday. Side effects?

    2 Answers - Answer -
    • Pawleys
    • Question about Adenocarcinoma, Lung C...
    3 days ago
    Pawleys' Avatar

    Drink wheat grass?

    I think Dad should drink wheat grass; is that a good idea for him who is on chemo and going to g... Read More

    6 Answers - Answer -
    • New2CLL
    • Question about Slow Growing, Chronic ...
    3 days ago
    New2CLL's Avatar

    Elevated basophils... what does it mean to my CLL?

    In my latest bloodwork, my basophils (which were always 0) are now elevated, outside of the refe... Read More

    2 Answers - Answer -
    • Ejourneys
    • Question about Mucinous (or Colloi...
    3 days ago
    Ejourneys' Avatar

    FDA Approves First Cancer Treatment for Any Solid Tumor With a Specific Genetic Feature

    "This is the first time the agency has approved a cancer treatment based on a common biomarker r... Read More

    4 Answers - Answer -
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