• MerryMaid
    • Question about Adenocarcinoma, Sali...
    about 4 hours ago
    MerryMaid's Avatar

    After I was diagnosed some of my friends were here to support and help me, but several acted like they didn't even know me.

    Has this happened to anyone else? I mean that they act like they don't want to talk about cancer... Read More

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    • HardyGirl
    • Question about Endometrial (Uterine...
    about 5 hours ago
    HardyGirl's Avatar

    For the survivors that are out of treatments for a while

    During treatment, I didn't worry about the outcome. I didn't think at all about a horrible endin... Read More

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  1. about 5 hours ago
    NorthernSnowB's Avatar

    Have you found that during chemo that you just cannot eat?

    Even when I'm having a good week and not feeling the side effects of chemo I'm still not having ... Read More

    3 Answers - Answer -
  2. about 5 hours ago
    MyLungCancer's Avatar

    What have your short term and long term side effects of radiation been?

    I am feeling some of both. And some of the side effects I'm feeling I don't know if they will be... Read More

    1 Answer - Answer -
    • Coloman
    • Question about Colorectal (Colon) Cancer
    1 day ago
    Coloman's Avatar

    When you start thinking about what could happen with your cancer diagnosis.......

    What gives you Hope that everything will turn out alright?

    4 Answers - Answer -
    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Thyroid Cancer
    2 days ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    Have you heard about a new type of radiation therapy called Halcyon?

    It is said to be more precise and spare healthy tissue. Here is an article about it: https://ww... Read More

    1 Answer - Answer -
    • Neeser
    • Question about Inflammatory Breast Cancer
    2 days ago
    Neeser's Avatar

    Implant and s lift

    Currently I have a expander in my left breast they took actually I have got to save alot of my s... Read More

    1 Answer - Answer -
    • jojoalexis
    • Question about Esophagus (Esophage...
    3 days ago
    jojoalexis' Avatar

    hyperbaric oxygen therapy

    Has anyone done this, if so, any results and does your insurance cover it? thanks

    3 Answers - Answer -
    • Neeser
    • Question about Inflammatory Breast Cancer
    3 days ago
    Neeser's Avatar

    Does anyone know the survivor rate of inflammatory breast cancer stage 3?

    2017 I was diagnosed stage [email redacted] and it had spread to 5 lymph nodes and I am triple n... Read More

    7 Answers - Answer -
  3. 4 days ago
    Bloodproblems' Avatar

    Do you keep your cancer to yourself or do you wear it on your sleeve?

    I am happy to talk to anyone that wants to talk to me about it, but I don't spread it freely. I ... Read More

    9 Answers - Answer -
  4. 4 days ago
    MyLungCancer's Avatar

    A friend just insists that I join her in this keto diet.

    Can someone explain to me what the noise is about this diet? And what would be the benefits or n... Read More

    13 Answers - Answer -
    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Squamous Cell Carcino...
    4 days ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    I posted another blog post describing my day of surgery and recovery after this latest diagnosis

    Today is two weeks and one day out from that day. It's amazing how fast the human body will reco... Read More

    10 Answers - Answer -
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