• Terri
    • Question about Skin Cancer - Melanoma
    3 days ago
    Terri's Avatar

    Happy Holidays!! Who sent holidays cards this year?

    I think this practice is dying out. am I right?

    10 Answers - Answer -
    • Gumpus61
    • Question about Primary Peritoneal Ca...
    3 days ago
    Gumpus61's Avatar

    Blood Transfusion

    For the first time Ann's blood work is so poor that we will need a transfusion....will she feel ... Read More

    8 Answers - Answer -
    • dmarussell
    • Question about Invasive Lobular Ca...
    3 days ago
    dmarussell's Avatar


    Awareness-is beginning Cancer-is stated Concern-is allowed Emotion-is raw Patience-is develo... Read More

    3 Answers - Answer -
  1. 3 days ago
    CancerChicky's Avatar

    Just a curiosity, where were you and what were you doing when you got the news that yes, you have cancer?

    I was at work, on the floor with probably 50 other people when I took the call, I lost it. Peopl... Read More

    16 Answers - Answer -
    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Hodgkin Disease
    3 days ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    One of the newest forms of cancer immunotherapy treatments is neoantigen vaccines, take a look at this article about it.

    Sharing an article from CB Insights.com about it. Some of this is on the techy side, but it's go... Read More

    0 Answers - Answer -
    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Invasive, Squamous Ce...
    3 days ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    Someone recently asked me if I started sleep walking after starting chemo. As far as I can remember, that's a big ole, NO

    Have any of you done any roaming through the house while sleeping? Curious to see if anyone else... Read More

    6 Answers - Answer -
    • Sondi41665
    • Question about Ductal carcinoma in...
    4 days ago
    • DottieA
    • Question about Adenocarcinoma, Lung C...
    4 days ago
    DottieA's Avatar

    Robotic VATS lobectomy

    Can anyone provide me insight into the recovery time for this procedure?

    5 Answers - Answer -
    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Non-Small Cell, Lung ...
    4 days ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    Has anyone tried soaking hands and feet in ice water during treatments to help avoid neuropathy?

    I heard of someone trying it, just wondering if there are any cases of it working. I'm not sure ... Read More

    9 Answers - Answer -
    • Yahairme
    • Question about Invasive (Infiltratin...
    4 days ago
    Yahairme's Avatar

    Ekg on arm with lymph node involvement.

    I had stage 4 lymph nodes in left arm removed along with my stage 3 breast cancer in right breas... Read More

    7 Answers - Answer -
    • Larry
    • Question about Non-Small Cell, Lung Cancer
    5 days ago
    Larry's Avatar

    NSCLC stage IV. Caregiver wife going on Chemo after two trials of targeted therapy. Now Chemo whats next?

    My wife is Stage IV, EGFR mutation positive for three years. I am her caregiver. She has been th... Read More

    5 Answers - Answer -
    • Pcwink
    • Question about Adenocarcinoma, Pancrea...
    5 days ago
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