1. 6 days ago
    CancerChicky's Avatar

    Who has had a Peg tube? Isn't it supposed to be different from a feeding tube down the throat?

    I have resisted getting the one in the throat so now they say they can put one in my belly. It s... Read More

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    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Hodgkin Disease
    6 days ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    Something to ponder about small town rural area doctors and the time it takes them to land on a cancer Dx

    A person living in a small town is at a disadvantage to start with. First, the doctor doesn't se... Read More

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  2. 6 days ago
    buckhunter's Avatar

    I am done with chemo for now and I have days that are killing me.

    Some days I can motor right through without hitting the wall, then other days it's random, I fee... Read More

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  3. 6 days ago
    Leukemia_WN's Avatar

    For anyone diagnosed with leukemia

    Has anyone else in your family also been diagnosed? Prior to your dx or after?

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    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Invasive, Squamous Ce...
    6 days ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    Today is the anniversary of 911. Almost everyone can remember what they were doing like it was yesterday.

    If we learn nothing more from this tragedy we should learn that we need to enjoy life, take it a... Read More

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    • hoosierboy
    • Question about Colorectal (Colon) ...
    6 days ago
    hoosierboy's Avatar

    Has your voice changed after having chemo and radiation?

    I had a spot on my throat that had to have radiation on, I'm sure that it was what affected my v... Read More

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  4. 7 days ago
    CathyMurphy's Avatar

    Radiation burn

    I had lumpectomy and lymphnodes 2 removed. My neck is getting very dark and hurting my on my ... Read More

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  5. 7 days ago
  6. 8 days ago
    CancerChicky's Avatar

    Are you happy with your doctors and your treatment plan or are you just accepting it due to lack of resources.....

    or area that you live, or inability to go to another area for a second opinion or new doctor? ... Read More

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    • Throatless
    • Question about Esophagus (Esophage...
    8 days ago
    Throatless' Avatar

    I read an article about Eddie Money having to stop treatment due to complications

    I think that a lot of people don't understand that sometimes we can die from simple complication... Read More

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    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Invasive, Squamous Ce...
    8 days ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    Today's Blog Post - 13 Things Cancer Patients Want People to Know About Cancer

    We are always trying to educate the general population about cancer. What it's like to have it, ... Read More

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  7. 8 days ago
    MichaelDicleLS's Avatar

    Is it routine to stay nauseous for a week or so after chemo?

    I seem to be on the verge of being sick to my stomach every day. I thought the anti-nausea meds ... Read More

    9 Answers - Answer -
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