1. 10 days ago
    Bonecrusher's Avatar

    One of my most favortie quotes I've ever read:

    "People who don't have cancer or never had it, sure know how to get rid of it"

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  2. 10 days ago
    LeroyPerseHK's Avatar

    My type of bladder cancer appears to be rare according to my oncologist. Who else has rare cancers?

    What type are they? Since I've been researching my own I've come across some of the rarest cance... Read More

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    • Leuky
    • Question about Acute Myeloid Leukemia (...
    10 days ago
    Leuky's Avatar

    Liver damage by chemo as a side effect?

    Has anyone had verifiable damage to the liver caused by the chemo?

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    • lujos
    • Question about Invasive (Infiltrating) ...
    11 days ago
    lujos' Avatar

    Xeloda, Zometa, Aromasin - any experience of these for recurrent bc?

    Ok, so the bad news is that my bc has recurred 4 years after the first time. I’ve had a double m... Read More

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    • Marji
    • Question about Triple-Negative Breast C...
    11 days ago
    Marji's Avatar


    If possible I will be willing to do surveys

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  3. 11 days ago
    Twinkletoes' Avatar

    invasive ductal breast cancer

    Who has gone through this with some advice for me?

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  4. 11 days ago
    mtnraindancer's Avatar

    Any experience with L-Glutamine for Tingling/Neuropathy?

    This 3rd treatment brought on strong tingling/burning in my finger tips. I have read where other... Read More

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    • Nmschic1
    • Question about Ductal carcinoma in s...
    11 days ago
  5. 11 days ago
    KancerKiller's Avatar

    Curious about if anyone has had salivary cancer here?

    I'm probably just freaking out but I have a salivary gland that is cramping up, and I think I ha... Read More

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    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Invasive, Squamous Ce...
    11 days ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    Did anyone see the story on the evening news about a blood test for cancer?

    It's supposed to be accurate 90% of the time and take 10 minutes. It's in the early stages but i... Read More

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  6. 12 days ago
    mtnraindancer's Avatar

    Is losing your grip strength and hand weakness normal with Folfox?

    I just had my third treatment. First two I breezed thru with only a slight claw hand on the seco... Read More

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    • Dianem
    • Question about Non-Small Cell, Lung Ca...
    12 days ago
    Dianem's Avatar

    Any experience with BCD (cannabis) oil

    With my rheumatologists support, we’ve determined I’m going to try this for my ongoing neuropa... Read More

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