• Dkatsmeow
    • Question about Head & Neck/Throat C...
    about 1 month ago
    Dkatsmeow's Avatar

    What experience have you had applying for unemployment?

    The left side of my throat is paralyzed & I can barely talk & cannot swallow at all. I am perman... Read More

    5 Answers - Answer -
  1. about 1 month ago
    BuckeyeShelby's Avatar

    Really was jealous of Greg

    Got off the phone with my surgeon a bit ago. Blobby the mass is a recurrence of the endometrial... Read More

    24 Answers - Answer -
  2. about 1 month ago
  3. about 1 month ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    July is Sarcoma Cancer Awareness Month

    Our Blog Post today has some details about sarcoma and awareness. Click here for the article>> h... Read More

    2 Answers - Answer -
  4. about 1 month ago
    Bloodproblems' Avatar

    Weird suggestions to gain immunity to Covid

    People, please use some common sense and don't jump into some of these crazy suggestions. I just... Read More

    6 Answers - Answer -
  5. about 1 month ago

    Face Masks - Since it appears that they will be a part of our lives, have you found a good source?

    There are all sorts of places popping up online that are selling different looking facemasks, I'... Read More

    42 Answers - Answer -
    • redfoot1
    • Question about Non-Small Cell, Lung ...
    about 1 month ago
    redfoot1's Avatar


    wondering if anyone has had experience with the side effects of taking tagrisso? do the side eff... Read More

    3 Answers - Answer -
    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Prostate Cancer
    about 1 month ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    How often do you get a little dose of survivor's guilt?

    Again this morning I did. A friend of the family, younger than me, probably in his 50's, healthy... Read More

    9 Answers - Answer -
  6. about 1 month ago
    MyLungCancer's Avatar

    Has anyone been treated at the Cancer Center for Healing in California?

    I was scrolling around the internet and came across one of their posts that listed the "Top 6 Ca... Read More

    7 Answers - Answer -
    • kalindria
    • Question about Fallopian Tube Cancer
    about 1 month ago
    kalindria's Avatar

    Blocking Certain Users?

    There used to be a way to block users who were unpleasant. Does that still exist and what is it?... Read More

    7 Answers - Answer -
    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Hodgkin Disease
    about 1 month ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    FDA approved treatment method for Covid-19

    Did you know that the FDA recently approved a treatment that reduces the chance of community spr... Read More

    19 Answers - Answer -
  7. about 1 month ago
    JustGrateful's Avatar

    Several Universities have announced that they will require students to have a flu shot and a covid 19 vaccination shot, if available.

    Can you imagine the backlash that will come from the conspiracy theorists? We can't even get peo... Read More

    4 Answers - Answer -
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