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    Kaym, welcome. You have found a great lace to ask, find, understand. And be understood.
    I had severe pain in feet, legs, knees, even arms. When stopping most disappeared but am now on gabepentin for the neuropathy left. Different aromatase can differ on how the affect you so worth switching to see if there is a better one for you. Hugs!

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    I am in TAPUR clinical trial through ASCO

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    Good morning! I wanted to thank you for joining the conversations and adding to the community. Your experiences are valuable to others as they look for information and people with experiences similar to theirs.

    I also wanted to see if you would be interested in being our WhatNexter of the Week for an article on our Blog Page. To do this, we just ask you to write your story out and describe what you have been through, where you started and where you are now, etc. You can look through the blog page to see some of the other articles that have been submitted. You don't have to worry about being precise with anything, we will edit what you have and make an article out of it.

    Let me know if you would like to do this and I can give you some more information on how to easily write your story out. You can email me at greg @ whatnext . com

    Thanks again, and we hope you continue to be on top of your fight.

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    Carboplatin and Alimpta (pemetrexed)

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      LT43..which trial are you in?
      I am not 2 years away from breast and kidney surgeries so not ‘fighting them’ in an active sort of way. I see two docs in next two weeks and away we go.

      5 days ago
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      I had carbo/alimta twice. The first time around I was given IV antinausea Aloxi and never took any meds at home. But I had extreme fatigue. Thankfully I wasn't working at the time and just went with the flow. The second time around, they gave me IV Zofran for nausea and it didn't work as well and used the meds at home a few days after each infusion. But I didn't have the fatigue. Strange how our bodies react to the same combo. The second time I did have an allergic reaction to the carbo and can't do any of the platins again. Good luck on your next treatment!!!

      5 days ago
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      Carboplatin may cause fibromyalgia & joint pain. Massive amounts of vitamin B-6 can offer some help there ~ I'm talking 50 times, even 100 times the RDA. It is a water soluble vitamin, does not pass through the liver, you won't overdose on it. Any unused extra is simply eliminated from the body.

      5 days ago
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