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    Welcome to our group from a Stage IV rectal cancer survivor. I'm from GA. I feel your pain that you are asymptomatic - it's hard to convince ourselves while we may feel fine, that inside our bodies, we are not fine. My only symptom for rectal cancer, that had already spread to one of my lungs, was rectal bleeding. The best time to cure cancer is when it is caught early and treated appropriately. Our bodies are amazing; most of us bounce back from complex surgeries pretty quickly. I'm sorry that you're facing this, but know this - we are braver and stronger than we realize.

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    Where did you have your Whipple procedure and who was the surgeon? I have a gist in the pancreatic head and oncology surgeon here, at Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham recommends Whipple. I am asymptomatic.

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    Oh No (Just Diagnosed): Just diagnosed with GIST in the head of the Pancreas. Dr recommends Whipple procedure and Imatinib. Part of my trouble making a decision for the surgery is that I have no symptoms and am not suffering in anyway. This recommended surgery and drug seems like a difficult life-changing decision.

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    Welcome to the WhatNext family! The WhatNext family is made up of people like you who are looking for help or looking to help others. To help you along your journey the WhatNext family has put together a Beginner's Guide to Cancer that I highly recommend you check-out here: http://bit.ly/10BQKCi. Also, please do not hesitate to reach out to others or ask for help.

    Wishing you the best.

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