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    Hi there Dallasgirl!
    Hoping you are doing well after your reversal.
    I had complications shortly after my reversal & unfortunately 2 days after ended up with emergency surgery & woke up with a new Ileostomy :( So this summer when I get to do it all over I'll be looking for tips!
    I truly do hope you are doing well & have had a good experience!
    God Bless

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      Hi there! So sorry to hear you had complications. Hopefully summer will be hear before you know it and you'll be able to get it done once and for all. I have been fairly fortunately with mine. Its a bit tricky regaining control - nothing like messing your pants in the middle of Nordstrom!! - but it's 95% good and then 5% "issues". It seems to be getting better over time. I did wind up with a bladder infection from the catheter during surgery and wound up back in the hospital but that only added up to about 2 days of misery (and a catheter bag for those 2 days!) and then I was fine. I'm happy I did the reversal and confident the 5% "issues" will continue to decrease in frequency and severity. Hang in there!

      3 months ago
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    Side Effects (Nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy))

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    How funny you have your surgery 10 days before me for reversal! We'll have to keep each other poster on how it's going.
    Are you done with treatment now? I'm in remission for the moment and hoping it sticks! :)

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    Question: Ileo reversal

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    5min_late, How have you been doing? Where are you at in your treatment? Thoughts and prayers are with you.