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    Hi Stacy,
    My Father in Law (who is 64) was diagnosed with Cancer of Unknown Primary in March 2011. I have been trying to research as much of this cancer as possible. I have also been looking into alternative treatments & clinics because the Chemo and Radiation have not been working. I just wanted to let you know that I am willing to share any info I may find. Alot of my family members have had cancer including both of my parents, three uncles and two aunts, and now my father in law. So I am trying to learn as much as possible. If I can help in any way please let me know. The more people on a team the better. One word of advice, Dr's are very smart people but they don't always know everything and they don't always know whats best for the patient. If your husband isn't comfortable with something look into it. Because ultimately His outlook on this is the most powerful cure. He has to keep positive. Good luck to you both.


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      My husband is 62 years old and this all started with a pain in his thigh. Long story short, they found a lesion which turned out to be a metastatic adenocarcinoma of unknown primary. He underwent surgery to stabilize the left femur, then after meeting with an oncologist, a PET/CT scan to try and locate the primary site. Results of PET/CT apparently failed to reveal primary source and he is now scheduled to undergo EDG/colonoscopy this week as testing of the biopsy material was positive for CDX2 which we were told was in favor of GI source.

      This is all very confusing since he has no other symptoms other than skeletal pain and his blood count and chemistry have all been normal, outside of a slightly elevated CEA (but biopsy material was negative for CEA reaction) . I'm worried since this has been going on for over a month since we found the lesion and he is not undergoing any treatment yet other than the stabilization of his femur and pain medications.

      Where is your FIL being treated? We are going to try and get an appointment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston once he completes the EGD/Colonoscopy this week (I spoke with them already and they recommended going through with this testing first). My concern is that without locating the primary source that this is difficult to treat.

      Any other information about your experience you can offer would be welcome. Thanks,


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    What are thoughts on Alternative Clinics in Tijuana. Hope to hear from people that have been there or their loved ones.

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      Thanks for the great info ladies, I will definately put the Ingles on my list to research. Coby, we are currently looking into the Bio Medical Centre (Hoxsey Clinic) A friend of a friend went there and he told us a little bit about it. He is going to send us his info that he has, He had Bone Cancer, and the cancer Clinic in Canada wanted to amputate his leg and he said no. I'm not sure the extent of his treatment before he went but I know he had some chemo. He went to this clinic and in the spring he was 6 yrs cancer free (With both legs I might add). We are also looking at the international Bio Care Hospital & The Oasis of Hope. Those where the three so far. We finally just got My Father In Laws medical records and we are going to start sending them to some of these places so I can let you know what the starting protocols are. Would it be easier to email you the information? I have started a little spreadsheet for a few of the different clinics and what procedures they offer I could send you that and I could also try to send you a few books I downloaded on some of the clinics, I'm just not sure if they are too big to email. Whatever helps right :)

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      I know there are alternative/natural aides out there, but the drug companies block them. It's sad that we don't have more choices with our own bodies. My friend did a sugar free diet and some type of alternate diet. He ate according to his blood type and saw someone in PA. His prostate cancer went away on its own. He also is a man of faith. The problem is the drug companies aren't going to let natural cures be utilized. Look at Eastern Medicine, cures for all types of ailments.

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      I think we may be totally missing the elephant in the room. IMO, the most important, and possibly only question here, is what does you father in law want?

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    Decision Point: My Father in Law was diagnosed with Cancer Feb 2011. They have had a few thoughts on what type it might be and randomly tried different Chemo "Cocktails" in hopes that they would find the right mix. They have not. At first they thought he had Adrenal cancer because the found a tumor near his adrenal gland, then thought it was lung cancer after the found a spot on his lung. Since then the cancer went into his spine but radiation cleared that up now there is signs that it is in his lymph nodes. He has gone through chemo and radiation and and the doctors are still unsure about pretty much everything. Last week they told us that the cancer hasn't gotten any worse and this week they told us he had about six months left. We are seriously looking into alternative clinics in Mexico and the US but don't want to rely strictly on the internet. We are realistic in the facts but we aren't giving up hope. Has anyone been to or know of anyone that has been to the Clinics in Tijuana. If so could you let me know what you thought.