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    adolmakr asked a questionSkin Cancer - Melanoma

    Now experiencing pain in shoulder, traveling down arm - wondering how metastatic melanoma affects bone.

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      Hi adolmakr. I don't have any answers of you, but I'm hoping to help you out with a few suggestions.

      Here is a link to an overview of melanoma from the American Cancer Society. http://bit.ly/NFSEuG ACS also offers many resources, including a help desk (see number to the right and bottom of this page) where they might be able to give you answers to your questions, or tell you where you can go to get those answers.

      Additionally, I thought it might help to read through the journeys and/or reach out to others on WhatNext dealing with melanoma. Some folks include @happydad @sbeck08 and @MamaFagan03.

      Please keep me us posted and let me know what else I can do help.

      over 8 years ago
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    Just began treatment after four tumors removed. So far so good!

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    Just want to thank all the people who gave helpful suggestions for the infusion event - my first is scheduled for tomorrow. Can't use an iPod because of hearing aids but thinking of radio-headphones - music would be nice.

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      Good luck - make sure you let us know how it goes!

      about 9 years ago
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      So far so good - the facility is wonderful - TV, filtered water, bananas and crackers - cheerful staff and my son is one of the most fabulous people on earth. He was with me all the way and there was much laughter - the best medicine. Now I look forward to watching the tumor shrink!

      about 9 years ago
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