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    Welcome to the site, we are happy to have you with us but sorry for you having to be here. There are lots of people here with all types of cancer diagnoses. If you need to vent, ask questions, or just post how you're feeling today you can do that on the questions page, or just make a status update post.

    Don't be shy, jump in the conversations!

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    Welcome to the WhatNext community! We are sorry for your reason to come, but we are happy you found us. We are a group of over 50,000 people that are either current patients, survivors, or friends and family of someone who has cancer. Questions are encouraged, just drop by the questions page here www.whatnext.com/questions and post whatever you desire, it doesn't have to be a question. Others will have feedback for you.

    If you have questions about the site, just click on my username and you will be taken to my home page where you can post a question to my wall, I will gladly pass along the information you need.

    We hope you're doing as well as can be expected, or better. Let us know anytime you need help here.

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    How to be proactive and get ahead to prevent or lessen neuropathy and neutropenia.

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      To my knowledge, there is nothing that a patient can do to prevent neutropenia.

      I don't believe that there is evidence that exercise helps prevent neuropathy, exercise surely can't hurt. I walked throughout my treatment - some days less, some days more - that keeps blood circulating in your feet. I didn't experience any neuropathy in my feet.

      I am a free lance writer, and I type on the computer all of the time. I had very little neuropathy in my hands. I wore gloves religiously to help keep my hands warm, and I messaged my hands all of the time.

      Of course, this advice is anecdotal, but I was fortunate and suffered no long lasting neuropathy.

      about 1 month ago
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      I wanted to be proactive in preventing neuropathy while on Taxol chemo, so i used cryotherapy (chilling of the hands and feet). I did not develop any neuropathy. There are a number of resources describing the study that researched this, for example, https://www.ascopost.com/News/58125, and https://www.curetoday.com/articles/frozen-gloves-and-socks-help-reduce-chemotherapyinduced-peripheral-neuropathy-in-patients-with-breast-cancer. If you're interested in trying this, there are a number of how-to-do it articles, and even a YouTube. https://cancerfight.info/cryotherapy-may-help-prevent-neuropathy-a-side-effect-of-cancer-treatment/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUlMrDg7urA.

      To my knowledge, there are no medications or supplements that prevent this painful and debilitating side effect.

      My best to you and your partner/spouse as you prepare for and embark on this journey.

      about 1 month ago
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      Today, someone said that acupuncture helps with neuropathy. She said she had been going to a place for a couple months and her symptoms have gone away. Just another thing to think about.

      about 1 month ago
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    Oh No (Just Diagnosed): Scared. Confused. Need guidance.

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