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    How to know if it’s back ? Would an MRI help?

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      I agree with Greg, you are probably going to have to be referred by your pcp or oncologist.

      3 months ago
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      You know it's back when a pathology report on a biopsied tissue sample states that malignancy was found. Until then, everyone is guessing. Various types of imaging can help to spot the location of any suspected activity, and PET scans will take note of hyper-metabolic activity in a certain area, but only the pathologist can state with certainty. No scan diagnoses cancer - they point to areas of concern which are then biopsied. No doctor, outside of the pathologist, can confirm that a malignancy is present. A lot of doctors seem to diagnose based on imaging, but that is not a 100% sound practice, as what they see could be many other things.

      3 months ago
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      MIne came back after 11 yrs. Took chemo and radaition as told that would guarntee no remission. Now told by 2 cancer drs. to call hospise as no drug is avaible for me since it spread to my lungs.I do not want to die and willing to take chemo again to stop it but new dr. will not give it to me only said it would make me worse.I think dying is the worse

      3 months ago
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    I have the same thing. The dr said it is adrenal insufficiency. Not sure what that means. He prescribed steroids.

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      How far out are you and what type of cancer? I don’t understand the steroid thing????

      3 months ago
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    Ally113 asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Extreme fatigue, sleepy, and parts of body from waist up including arms tingle or need to be popped?

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      Have you been checked for lymphedema? I have gone through therapy for lymphedema and do exercises on a daily basis to prevent it. I also have a sleeve I wear if I started to feel pressure or tingling in my arm or if I fly. I’ve been fatigued since I finished treatment 4 years ago. I agree you need to call your onco or pc doctor. If it’s lymphedema you want to address it right away. Hope you feel better soon.

      3 months ago
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      Ally113, how are you doing these days? Did you see a doctor? Have you found any relief?

      about 1 month ago
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      Ally, are you having any treatments? The tingling in the arms and legs sounds like neuropathy I suggest you see a neurologist. Neuropathy is often an side/aftereffect of chemo and/or radiation.
      I have CP&F I am seeing a pain management specialist and a neurologist. My neurologist determined that I have neuropathy caused be chemotherapy. But I also have Fibromyalgia which I have had a mild case since childhood when it was triggered by Brucellosis. Cancer just kicked it into high gear. You can manage the pain and the fatigue with medication and diet. Talk to your PCP about referrals to a neurologist and a pain management specialist. Also research foods that help you over come fatigue and pain

      about 1 month ago
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    This is about the “Survivor “ question. Why are ppl usually told the 5 year Mark is the “ survivor title comes important??? I was told th

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      Thank you Barbara, I spoke to a nurse practitioner, she said she would tell my nurse practitioner, who did not say anything to me when I saw her. I am going to an OT for lymphedema and for scar tissue building up, that is the most painful for me now, I feel worse now than I did a couple of months ago. I had no idea about the scar tissue build up and that it would hurt like it does. I feel like someone has punched me in the chest when I touch my chest. Have you experienced that? or have anyone of you had that happen? any suggestions? I bought some Palmer's cocoa cream and rub on it, and it does seem to help a little. The OT said for me to massage it when I can during the week and to raise my arm up as far as I can to exercise it, and gave me a pully to use to put over the door, and pull the rope from side to side to help with stretching my arm. Also, the numbness and hurting under my arm is still there and bothers me some days as the day goes on and I am moving around, maybe I have not meant to, but have used my arm too much. Also, she said don't lift anything too heavy with that arm, nothing over 2-3 pounds, that is hard to do, to remember when you are carrying groceries or things, as I always use my right arm more than my left. I am not planning on going in a hot tub or sauna, but I have heard that is something you should not do. Is that true? So many things to think about after the fact. How would I know if there is any cancer there still if my blood work comes back in the normal range, but my chest still hurts so much? could it be there, but not showing in the blood work? what other tests can they do to check to see if there is any cancer in your blood or lymphatic system? ex-rays? maybe a chest ex-ray? I wonder if that would show anything. Wish I knew a good nurse or someone in oncology to ask some of these things. Thanks for listening, it helps to write this down. God bless you all.

      about 1 year ago
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      Mytoby, I'm sorry, I had a lumpectomy, so can't advise you on the medical questions. You shouldn't have to "wish for a good nurse" to ask your questions----you already have your Oncologist and his nurses to ask questions of. It's their office's responsibility to answer your questions related to your cancer, so ask them until you get an answer. If it's a hectic office, they probably just forgot to call you back before.

      Make a list of questions before you call. Also ask for a referral to a counselor for depression/anxiety and a support group for information.

      I don't know about mastectomy patients, but other breast cancer patients are monitored by mammograms and chest X-rays at regular intervals.

      Best wishes for feeling better after your questions are answered, and your depression/anxiety is addressed. Call them today and you'll feel better fast!

      Happy Valentine's Day! Take your husband to lunch!

      about 1 year ago
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      @Ritasuzi, that is what happened to me. My oncologist never mentioned anything about MBC. I took my little pill for 5 years. At 10 years exactly, I got MBC in my lung. Very, very small, but I still have to keep it from spreading. At 8 years, I gave away all of my hats & scarves. I just had to make more. I'm not donating any of these. In 3 years I've lost my hair twice.

      about 1 year ago