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      I had horrible neuropathy. I called them clown feet. It felt like I was walking in those enormous clown shoes! Slow down and watch your balance...it can throw you off and cause you to fall.

      about 3 years ago
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      My feet were very painful from chemo. I couldn't wear my normal shoes to work. I had to wear loose canvas shoes and I couldn't walk or stand very long because of the pain. That was one of the worst side effects I experienced. Also, lost some toenails because of the chemo drugs, but they all grew back. Hope you don't have the problems I had.

      about 3 years ago
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      Almost 3 and a half years after treatment, and I still can't feel my feet.

      about 3 years ago
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    Question: Chemo

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    Hi Greg, is chemo brain with all chemo treatments or just chemo in the head area. I've had two different areas of cancer. Jaw and lung, but aside from side effects I'm doing fine. It is what it is.

    My wife was diagnosed with Peritroal cancer right after Thansgiving. She is in her second round of Chemo. I'm worried if she will get chemo brain. Today she will be in Boston all day.
    She has two ports. One in the upper chest near shoulder and the other in stomach area. They will do both areas today. Next week just the stomach. Following week off. Three week deal. She went through the first set with only minor problems. 6 sets in all.
    I'm hoping it will be the same for the others.
    I have problems forgetting from radiation but no where's as bad as what some of the members describe.
    You have been through the mill. Hope your doing better.

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      Hey, and sorry your Wife is having to go through this now. It's bad enough just having one spouse go through it, but for both to be dealing with it must be twice as bad!
      Chemobrain is something that anyone can get if you have had chemo. It doesn't matter where your cancer is at, the chemo circulates all through your body and affects your brain in it's short term memory and cognitive issues. Some get it worse than others, some don't get much at all, remember that cancer treats us all differently.
      We wish you both the best, and especially wishing smooth treatments for the Wife. Keep us informed.

      over 3 years ago
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      over 3 years ago
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