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    Decision Point: Hello,

    I am an advocate for a fantastic woman. We are appealing to you due to your expertise in this area. Please take a moment to read below, knowing there is a huge support system in place that will ensure she gets wherever help is available.


    My loved one is a 40 yr. old white female. She is the single mother of two boys. Her youngest son is 14 years old. She is a nurse who was diagnosed with Medullary Thyroid Cancer three years ago. (2009). It is unknown if there is a genetic link due to the fact that her biological mother was adopted. However, there is no evidence of Medullary Cancer on her biological father's side. Her current oncologist has recommended that she explore every option available due to the fact that this is such a rare form of thyroid cancer. She is currently being treated at The Cancer Institute of Florida.

    Treatment this far:

    2009: Medullary Thyroid Cancer discovered, thyroid and 21 lymph nodes were removed.

    [phone number redacted]: cancer was discovered in her liver.
    Sutent was prescribed, no success.
    2 rounds of chemo embolization with moderate success, but not enough.
    2 rounds of radioactive embolism with moderate success, but not enough.
    She was tried on Nexavar, no success.
    * Radical broken bones in hand and wrist during fall, surgery happens
    Calcitonin levels continued to rise during treatment
    Excruciating headaches ensue
    Migranes, Shingles, Tic Douloureus are ruled out.
    Vandetanib was administed, no real success, calcitonin rises and tumors grow.
    18 rounds of radiation.
    Note: During treatment with the radiation and the vandetanib, the pain abated, only to return within days of treatment ending.

    2012: Pet Scan and MRI verified cancer is on her liver and at the base of her brain stem. Some concern that the tumor may be wrapping around the carotid.

    We are actively looking for treatment, clinical trials, and are willing to go anywhere. Please consider assisting this amazing woman who refuses to succumb to this rare cancer.

    With great hope, I am appealing to anyone who can help. Please help!

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