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    My Mom has no insurance, what are my options. Is there any hospital who assists on non profit basis for chemo

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      I just looked at your home page - your mom is 67 - and should be on medicare, make sure she is enrolled - traditional medicare with Gap Plan F is her best choice. She may also qualify for medicaid to help defray costs, depending on what her income is. If she owns a home, it will not count towards her assets.

      almost 8 years ago
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      amit1973, sorry to hear about your mother,, I have read some of the other post, and agree, for you to look into the American Cancer Society,,,also with the hospital or doctors who are treating her, Ask the social workers there for people, or places to call. My daughter is at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tpa,, and they have helped her with lots of people, to call. The support that comes is amazing,, My daughter is also with the group "Faces of Courage", A great support group, of women of all walks of life, ages, and stages of differant types of cancer. If she is older than 65, she should be on Medicare, and they should help with a lot of the expenses,, Be strong for her,, and most of all,, you need to get into a support group for yourself,, Caregivers need help also,,, Moffitt has a caregiver program, call them and see what they might have.. God Bless you and your Mom.

      almost 8 years ago
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      Amit1973 So sorry to hear about your mothers cancer. SueRae1 is correct about her being at the appropriate age for Social Security benefits, I would fill that application out right away. You can do on line, at home, save and go back at a later time and when finish save and print. A rep should call within 1 to 2 days when you use the word cancer and chemotherapy, radiation or surgery as forms of treatment. Depending on her income she may qualify for Medicaid which will help her with co pays, medications, hospital cost and outpatient treatment fees. It is based on patients income and a spin down is used to adjust for each persons assets and income so that the system is fair. There are assistance pharmaceutical patient assistant programs for chemotherapy drugs and sites such as needymeds.com for various medications (not all drugs covered are necessarily just for cancer,meaning that drugs your mother may be on for other health conditions could be covered and free up that money for other uses such as co pays ect...) Outpatient sites connected to a hospital also have financial counselors that can often offer assistance and charity again if the requirments are met. All programs will ask for financial information such as income, previous years W2s and income tax returns, saving/checking accounts for last 3 months, 402Ks, pension plans, ect... If your mother has a life insurance policy that has cash value she may be able to cash in half now in order to provide her enough money to get her through her treatment. I would start with the social worker where she is going to get treatment who is trained in finding resources but would start the SS Medicare and Medicaid immediatly since she appears to be age appropriate to qualify for at least the Medicare if nothing else. Prayers for your mom and your family.

      almost 8 years ago
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