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    Hello LuvinSis, My name is Angela and my brother was diagnosed last month with Adenocarcinoma stage 3b lung cancer, he just had a pet scan and is waiting for the results. I was wondering how long it took before you started chemo/radiation after you was diagnosed.

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      My sister is the one that with cancer (I'm just here as a family member) but as I recall there's a lag between the life altering news of cancer and finally getting into chemo. The lag time is scary, you want to get a diagnosis on Monday and start chemo Tuesday but unfortunately there's a lag.

      almost 9 years ago
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      Anajphor - I have just been told I probably had adenocarcinoma based on CT scans but nobody has told me what stage the cancer is or verified it is for sure cancer - I see a thoracic surgeon on Thursday but don't know if he can give me more definitive information. So I was wondering, how did they diagnose your brother? What tests did they give him before they determined he for sure had cancer and what stage it was? I am so sorry you are both going through this! So scary. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

      about 8 years ago
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    Oh No (Cancer has spread/Metastasized)

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