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    Celebration (Remission): This month has marked the official 5th year of my remission from my oncologist. It has been 5 years since I finished treatments.

    Since then, I've also gotten my thyroid conditions in check. This means that I'm come to terms with the fact that I now have a hypothyroid disorder that makes it near impossible for me to get the weight in check. Aside from that... I believe that I do pretty good.

    This month is also the start of a new chapter for me. I'm married! The amazing man that accepted me for all my flaws and troubled past has went so far as to marry me. (he's gotta be crazy) We've been together for nearly four years and can't wait to spend many many more together.

    Aside from the physical scars, there is virtually no sign that I suffered from malignant melanoma. My experiences though are invaluable. Thanks to what I know and experienced, I actually got the chance to save a dear friend from the same fate. He called me with concerns about a skin legion and described everything that had happened with me before diagnosis. I told him to run to his doctor immediately. They caught it before anything spread. He thanks me every day for yelling at him. (he was about to ignore it due to lack of money)

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      Congratulations on your five year remission and getting married. God has blessed! Thanks for sharing.

      over 4 years ago
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    Other Care (Update): I've finally reached my 4 year remission mark. My oncologist has given me nothing but praise and is now only seeing me once every few years.

    My endocrinologist is now only seeing me once a year, and my neurosurgeon is only seeing me if necessary.

    My hair is fully grown in and is now just as thick as ever. (even a bit curlier) The pituitary tumor is a bit smaller than it started, but it hasn't gone away. If anything it never will, not w/out surgery. But so long as I'm healthy and doing well there is no need for that.

    So far everything is going amazingly well. My only hurdle now is that because I AM so healthy.... the state has cut my insurance. I'll have to try and get on the company insurance.... let's just hope that they can help cover the costs of the specialists when it's time.

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    I wanted to ask this as a question, but it seems like they only allow questions that are directly related to types of cancer.

    Mainly, I'm wondering if anyone has any creative intake on Relay team names? My team has lost our sponsor and is going to go solo next year. We'll be our own sponsor! And with that, we get to make our own name.

    Because the majority of our team consists of men, we came to a group decision to have something involving Ninjas or Pirates (or both?). Can anyone think of any creative names that can easily be used to come up with themed games and giveaways?

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      Did you guys come up with any good names yet?

      about 6 years ago
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      To answer your question, YES!!

      My team has been getting together to discuss our approach this year and years to come. Our official name is Cancer Crush'n Crew (C³). We've even got a FB page started!


      almost 6 years ago
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    When I was going through my treatments, the best medicine for me was my fluffy cats. As a gift for being in remission I got a kitten! He has been the light of my life every day since then.

    So!! For anyone near the Kansas/Oklahoma area who feels that they need a fuzzy little companion of their own... I have a small handful of the sweetest kittens you'll ever meet. Free to a great home.

    **if they don't find a home... their owner will toss them on a farm to fend for themselves. :-(

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    Sometimes I feel out of place in my work office. And NOT because I had cancer, but because I am the only one who didn't have breast cancer.

    I'm always left out of all of their talks and support discussions. It's like they don't think I understand. I do. Not only am I one of the youngest employees, but I'm also one of the only people in my town with skin cancer. Yet that never stopped my bosses from forgetting about me during Relay events and other cancer related things.

    "Oh! Myrna!! That's right. We forgot about you." That's a statement I could do w/out hearing at least for one year.

    I feel terrible for hating them for forgetting me. Sorry I didn't lose my breasts too.

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      I also feel like that sometimes about breast cancer. It's such an attention hog!! Geez!! lol (For all you with breast cancer reading this, my prayers go out to you. Please have a sense of humor.) I am sorry you have to feel that way though. Freebirds right. I talk to people on here that have all types of cancers, but MOSTLY those battling or caregiving for pancreatic because that is what I am dealing with. No intentions to offend, just the way things are sometimes. Keep your chin up. :)

      over 6 years ago
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