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    Hi, yes, please share what side effects you are referring to...I may not have a choice and will likely have to switch from Ibrance to Verzenio, so I am very interested in what side effects you are experiencing. Hate to ask, because I know you said the side effects are terrible.

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    attypatty asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Anyone taking Verzenio or Ibrance

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      Fluteplayer, what shots are you (and many others) referring to?

      6 days ago
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      Hi there combatants. I imagine the painful shots you refer to is Faslodex, given once a month on the glut region. I have had three sets already. My way is to take a 600 mg acetaminophen about an hour before the shot is given. Then I tell the nurse I have all the time in the world for that treatment, soooo, she needs to go slowly. The secret to having less pain while they are giving the shot is for you to relax and for the nurse to go very slowly, it is a heavy liquid so nurse have to go through a hand/thumb workout as well.
      Well, the beast is not letting up, I have another spot, so today I will see a radiology Oncology to set up a treatment to zap the tumor on my tail"". I hope this works, I have been in constant pain for awhile. Yes, Ibrance apparently is not working for me either. will see onc next week and find out what is the next drug. Please ladies/gents keep the faith, be positive even in pain. Dont give in
      I know it is easier said than done. but keep trying My best and blessing to all of you.

      5 days ago
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      Someone told me that keeping cold packs on the area helps .Also numbing medication applied . Also one nurse,Told me to take the weight off the side,that getting it. I have no XXX so it feels like I am getting it into the bone. Use to take them till I can't afford the copays,now if it keeps the fluid away guess I will have to pay if I want to live.Applied for help but upmc does not help with copays even if they are more than you get a month

      5 days ago
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    Celebration (Brain scan results): No mets to the brain!

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    Side Effects (Diarrhea): Diarrhea and nausea and vomiting from the Verzenio. A new med meant to shrink tumors and delay progression. Lofty goals but hard to take.