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    melanoma situ found, wide excision done plus 4 "suspicious" moles excised. path reports show pos melanoma x 4.... highrisk and scared...

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      I totally understand how you feel. My family calls me their hypochondriac. Yes its true. It also saved my life. I am a breast cancer survivor. Had moh's surgery to remove what was a squamous cell tumor on my eyebrow and last but not least a very small freckle looking spot which turned out to be melanoma. Like you I'm covered head to toe, but in freckles. The melanoma spot I didn't find. My Dermatologist found. I guess what I'm getting to is that my Dr. said to have someone else look at my body, like my husband or daughter. as It is totally impossible to be aware of all of the moles or freckles on your body. Take pictures of anything that looks suspicious and just watch it. Hang in there. I so grateful that there is this sight to get information from. The first time I started researching on the internet, I pretty much diagnosed myself as terminal when I'm not. Too much info can make you crazy. Hope this helps. So sorry for the rambling.

      almost 10 years ago
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      Hi, I had a melanoma in-situ 12 years ago. Mine was just a bit concerning on all four of the ABCD's, but had never changed as far as I could tell. It was on my chest so I could always see it clearly. The doctor gave me the option of removing it or waiting to see if there were any changes. I'm so glad I had it removed! Now I go to a dermatologist for a skin exam once each year, and have educated my husband about the signs to look for. If all of your moles were melanoma in-situ and not active melanoma, then your prognosis should be very good. Try to relax, and wear your sunscreen every day from now on!

      almost 10 years ago
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      Is mole mapping an option for you. I am part if a clinical trial and have my moles checked, photographed, measured and checked digitally for changes every month. Have at least 100 on my body, but only 18 are checked monthly. The others are normal and not of concern. In addition the treatment I take Zelboraf is actually breaking down several of the 18 and they are slowly going away.

      over 9 years ago
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