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    Does anyone have any advice on FMLA?

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      I have no advice to add, just sympathy. Your situation sounds incredibly stressful. After my diagnosis, I was told I could be terminated after I exhausted my FMLA leave (I carry the insurance.) I was not terminated after I used up my FMLA but I was told I needed to work at least 30 hours a week going forward which has been very difficult (I'm the cancer patient.) I'm sorry about your job loss at such a difficult time.

      over 9 years ago
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      Go for COBRA asap.

      over 9 years ago
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      The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)...

      guarantees that eligible employees can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, which can be used all at once or in increments as short as a few hours at a time.
      guarantees that eligible employees maintain their health insurance benefits while out on leave.
      guarantees that an employee who returns to work will be given his or her previous position or an equivalent job with the same salary, benefits and other conditions of employment.
      To qualify for FMLA, an employee must have worked for his or her employer for at least 12 months, including at least 1,250 hours during the most recent 12 months. The law applies to workers at all government agencies and schools nationwide, as well as private companies with 50 or more employees within 75 miles.

      For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Labor's FMLA web page at http://www.dol.gov/compliance/laws/comp-fmla.htm.

      over 9 years ago
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    Oh No (Work problems): Husband was diagnosed 02/12. Called my employer that same day about FMLA. Fired 02/13. He has my health insurance :(

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