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    Oh No (Diagnosed): What a life changer. One minute I am sitting there waiting for the Doctor to enter the room and the next I am sobbing after being suddenly told that I have cancer. Like most folks who hear that dreaded word, I immediately thought - "How long before I die?" Luckily, the Doctor stated that if treated and surgery removed it, the chances were good that I will live a long life.

    This still doesn't erase the fact that I am a victim of cancer. Life as I knew it has changed and will never be the same as it was. But, I have a supportive wife and family. Now all I need to do is face the treatments of Chemo and radiation, surgery followed by more chemo. Hopefully, at the end of the 6-8 months of treatment/recuperation, I will be cancer free and can once again regain happiness in my life with my wife and kids.

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