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    Celebration (Remission): husband been in remission for 6 yrs
    Thank you God

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    change email

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      I will have to do this for you. Just look at the top right of your homepage and click on the contact us, link. Send me your old and new email addresses.

      21 days ago
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    Question: change email

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      Stop waiting.

      Take action.

      Find a skin care specialist. Check out their cirriculum vitae.

      You will need a surgeon of some sort. I will be undergoing MOHS soon for a squamous cell on my shin.

      I had to see what will be a total of 9 doctors. 4 to get a proper diagnosis. On the 1st of the month will be a hopefully trusted one to do the surgery. She will be the 5th surgeon.

      The first 3 surgeons were abysmal. One did not understand insurance coverage (wanted cash up front). Two did not want to bother with MOHS. One did not know his left from his right (the teeny spot it on
      My right shin) and the first MOHS surgeon I saw promised me I would need a plastic surgeon and was so dispassionate that I was frightened about his total lack of concern.

      I had been looking for a dermatologist for about a year. The spot was biopsied (how that was done was a big surprise) in December so I am figuring I need to be happy with the person I see on the 1st. Too long a delay isnt good now that the thing is torn open.

      Best wishes

      over 3 years ago
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      thank you everyone for your response ,very much appreciated

      over 3 years ago
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      My daughter had a melanoma on her arm removed. I told the doctor I worked for (a pathologist) I didn't think her doctor did a very good job cosmetically speaking. My boss said when you have a melanoma, they grow deep, so when they are removed the doctor has to go deep to get it all.

      All that to say, it doesn't sound like a melanoma would ever be treated with MOHS surgery, since MOHS is done layer by layer.

      Again don't delay.

      over 3 years ago