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    Most grateful, Marnie, for your compassion. I have extremely rare head/neck cancer and lymph nodes. Had failed surgeries at two top hospitals and third surgery is unknown success. IMRT head/neck radation not correctly done.
    Br. chemo stopped due to peripheral neuropathy (two mastestomies different times) . I need help to see if Coriolus PSP mushcroom, 3200 mg daily is correct and safe for me. No naturopath in our area, and few I did find know nothing about med. mushrooms or at CTCA hsoptials and will not treat me as I am not a patient there because of my rare cancer not known. II called teaching hospital and they do not use med. mushrooms. SIDE effects: my hair is falling out and ANA Titer is 4 x greater than normal, that is immune system is over-producing and destroying organ cells. Could immunity inhancing from corioulus cause this to happen? THANK YOU, BarbaraAdele

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    Dear Drummer Boy,
    Where did ;you get your surgery and treatment, please? BarbaraAdele

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    Dear 63 Stratman,
    Please tell me more about your ACC treatment. I had three surgeries, two failed, third last one excised only one known neck lymph node acc.(Parotid gland excised, but not wide margins, radiation IMRT burned/damaged my tongue and mouth palate. I have severe lymphadema in neck, thick scar tissue from surgeries and radiation , therapist won't work on me now as surgeon said there may be ACC in neck nodes. Did you have lymphadema? I am trying Corious PSP Mushrooms for immunity, but need info in correct dosage and treatment. I now have elevated ANA Titer (Anti-neuclear antibodies) and don't know what caused this, hair loss severe, too. Please help me in any way, I am great need.

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    BarbaraAdele asked a questionHead & Neck/Throat Cancer

    Anyone use Coriolus PSP Mushrooms capsules to improve immunity. Have Acinic cell carcinoma of head/neck. Any negative side effects? dosage

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      Hi BarbaraAdele! I just wanted to be sure you saw that you got a couple of responses to the Facebook post asking about the mushrooms. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/whatnextcancer It was posted on Monday so you need to scroll down a bit to see it. Also, @MarnieC responded and is familiar with it so you may want to check in with her.

      almost 10 years ago