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    I am so sorry to read that your mom died recently. I pray for peace and comfort for you. Hugs.

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    Thanks for supporting others by answering questions, offering advice and positive wishes! It does make a difference for them to see that other people have been there and are doing OK.

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    BoiseB, you've told me before you are a Christian, so I just want to remind you again that God forgives us when we ask him, so why/where do you get the idea that you have a "weak hope of a deathbed salvation," and it may take 25 years to get right with God? Are you referring to Purgatory? (I'm not Catholic, so can't comment about that.)

    Even murderers are saved if they ask sincerely for forgiveness. Why not you? Everyone sins, so why not us? Have you read the New Testament? It offers hope and peace from Jesus that the Old Testament does not.

    I have to agree with you that I don't have the energy or interest now to enjoy a road trip. I really prefer being at home where all my things are that I've spent my life gathering for comfort.

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      Thanks BarbarainBham

      If you ask God for forgiveness, you're forgiven immediately and given everlasting life to live in Heaven with God. (See John 3:16)

      I love this, so true.

      about 24 hours ago
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      BoiseB, that's interesting about your mother's mind coming back---I told my daughter the same thing about my mother. In my mother's case, she was sweet until she got dementia, and then she was very argumentative and grouchy. The last month she had had surgery and was in bed, but thanked us for doing things to take care of her and told us she loved us. She was turning 89 in November.

      about 17 hours ago
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      I'm a Catholic Convert... I'm 73 and was 19 when I joined my Church. I was taught, and I taught others our Catholic Faith. When I told my students that even Hitler would be forgiven his sins, if he asked in Jesus' name for forgiveness from our Lord. he would have been forgiven. YES our Lord died for our sins....!!!!!

      about 11 hours ago
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    Question: UPDATE

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