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    I have had four of my six treatments. I am going to have a pet scan Friday to see how I am progressing. They have a new treatment just released called Car-T. I am in a clinical trial in Kansas City and they are going to be doing this.

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      YOU GO STRONG! Car-T originated in Omaha I believe ... and they're evolving use now ... that's awesome! KEEP ME POSTED please! Sending prayers to you!

      4 months ago
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    Good morning/afternoon from BARB in Omaha, NE. I wanted to reach out as I also was diagnosed with Stage 4 mantle cell lymphoma one year ago. I want to let you know that it is NOT a horrible treatment. I learned that this type of cancer typically strikes men age 65 and older ... but I am a woman and was diagnosed at 62 ... and LUCKY to have been diagnosed at all! I completed 6 months of the chemo (which did not make me sick at all ... I did not lose my hair ... was just tired) and then it was determined I was too high of a risk for the stem cell transplant. Now that was mainly because I also have A Fib and an "undetermined" breathing issue (shortness of breath) that would have made the procedure pretty dangerous for me ... so ... in February while things looked bleak ... in June I was given a miracle of being cancer free. This site will be an incredible resource for you. You can ask any question and get frank responses from people who are going through the same thing. What I learned is this: NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP! NEVER EVER EVER STOP FIGHTING! You can't win the war if you don't fight the battles! God Bless and remember ... YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!

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    Celebration (Remission): In February 2018 I was deemed too high risk for stem cell transplant for mantle cell lymphoma. No further treatment options currently exist ... so my husband and I "manned up" and made all prepaid funeral and creamation arrangements. I was then deemed "cancer free" in June! GOD GAVE ME A MIRACLE! Never ever ever give up! Never ever ever stop fighting! I AM A NEW SURVIVOR and I intend to celebrate and enjoy every single minute of this fabulous "bonus" life! STAY STRONG! BE A WARRIOR! You can't win the war if you don't fight the battles! God Bless!

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    YOU CAN DO THIS! Almost 1 year ago to the day I was diagnosed Stage 4 mantle cell lymphoma ... an uncommon cancer ... limited treatment options ... and in June I was cancer free. There is SO MUCH SUPPORT ON THIS SITE! You will find an inner strength you did not know you had ... BE A WARRIOR!

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    Suzeh ... great people here to help you along the way .,.. I'm a 63 year old woman ... diagnosed August 2017 with mantle cell lymphoma ... completed chemo ... now cancer free. YOU CAN DO THIS - surround yourself with POSITIVITY and FAITH. This site will seriously help as well ... PRAYERS that your treatment is not a burden but a blessing ... BE A WARRIOR! Remember ... you can't win the war if you don't fight the battles.

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