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    Drug or Chemo Therapy: My cancer is in the bone, stage4, am currently on Taxol...some pain, take Hydrocodone.... Helps

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    Hi Bubbles, sorry I didn't notice yr post b/4....I had one mastectomy in Oct. 2001, then in May, 2010, had the second. Did not have re-construction....recovered well and have been through a series of treatments. The last being Taxol from March,2012 to June...so far so good. Last CT shows no new mets in bones, which is good. I feel very well, but get tired easily. Pls keep me pstd on how you feel...whenever I try to ask questions, all response is "everyone is different", wld appreciate current news from someone in same circumstances.. Hugs to you

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    Does anyone have a good plan to loose this belly fat after double mastectomy

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    I had the same, called doctor...he suggested tonic water..I now drink 8 oz of tonic water in AM plus eat banana...pain has stopped

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      wow - I would like to give it a try. So nice to know that your pain is gone!!!

      about 2 years ago
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    I did have these type of cramps in legs....doc suggested one glass of tonic water a day, plus eating banana each day...it is helping